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Provision is safe which do not care carry firm " food basket " teach you a few t
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Autumn is the season of the bumper harvest, all sorts of food flock appear on the market, plus a variety of reasons, should carry firm " food basket " , difficulty is greater also. Learn to order tricks of the trade, sharpen one's eyes, perhaps be the best method that ensures mensal safety. For this, business signed up for a reporter to interview relevant section or expert designedly, for you end gives rice, vegetable, pork, milk of 4 kinds of common provision " safe classics " .

A few small doohickey are you buy rice to close

At present is worth new rice to appear on the market season, a little illegal nevertheless pedlar uses the opportunity that new rice appears on the market however, the Chen Mi that a few time very long hair fizzles out to had become moldy even undertakes a series of " special " processing, next " with Chen Chong new " , beguiling consumer. So how to discern the character of rice? How to avoid to buy degenerative Chen Mi? The reporter interviewed relevant expert for this, they provided a few simple and practical meanses for everybody.

Expert introduction, discern the character of rice wants " 5 look " . See hardness, the hardness of rice is stronger, protein content is higher, diaphaneity is taller also, general new rice is harder than Chen Mi. 2 see an abdomen white, rice abdomen often has an opaque blaze, the rice gluten qualitative content with white abdomen is inferior, contain starch more. 3 look explode waist, explode the waist is the transverse crack that rice is in the dry medium happening that heat up urgently to cause, such transverse crack exceeds many nutrient value of rice lower. 4 see Huang Li, because certain nutrition composition produced chemical reaction in rice,grain of rice becomes yellow is, or it is grain of rice in microbial cause, these yellow-coloured rice fragrance and feed flavour poorer. Additional, contain in grain of rice " dead blueness " bead is more, the quality of rice is poorer also. 5 look new old, want to observe color of grain of rice seriously, the surface shows ash farinaceous or the rice that has grain of moon's path channel is Chen Mi, its quantity explains rice is jumped over more more old. In the meantime, it is normal to hold a rice in both hands to smell odour, if have mildewy taste,the specification is Chen Mi. Additional, whether is there bug corrode bead in seeing grain of rice, if bug corrode bead and bug cadaver appear, also explaining is Chen Mi.

Choose better to character rice through can helping you with upper part law, how does that discern through " special " is processing used " with Chen Chong new " Chen Mi?

The expert provided a very simple means to everybody: At the same time with two pieces of napkin each catch new rice and a Chen Mi, hold a few seconds with the hand, if be " face-lifting " Chen Mi, the place that has caught with paper towel is nodded with respect to meeting occurrence oil, if be new rice, do not have any so. Is this why? The reason is very simple, that is pedlar to let these Chen Mi looks like new rice from appearance, will besmear again after old rice polish on the plant is oily or industry is oily with raising its colour and lustre is spent.
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