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The plane that enterprise of Shijiazhuang dairy produce rents 3 deer to exeunt g
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Chun Hong of Guo of force of day of Guo of our newspaper reporter

3 get together cyanogen amine incident already crossed lunar beyond, consumer confidence is slow rebuild, course of market of estate of stone city milk is brief recrudesce of the beacon after becoming silent. The reporter is informed via interviewing, a few not check goes out 3 get together the essay card business of cyanogen amine put into high gear grabs beach market, pour bitter water greatly to the reporter except individual business, say to suffer sale of 3 deer be a burden on to be inferior to outside once upon a time, most company selling manager all says " outstanding achievement breaks up time, finish annual to sell task can be expected soon ahead of schedule. Finish annual to sell task can be expected soon ahead of schedule..

■ Jun Lebao and 3 deer " break gown " seek to live on

In a lot of Shijiazhuang person impression, jun Lebao is contacted together with 3 deer all along. Actually, jun Lebao is an independent company originally, came to an agreement with 3 deer 2000, 3 deer become a shareholder with brand and the capital of 5% Jun Lebao, but running a side, jun Lebao is basic paddle one's own canoe. Suffer 3 get together cyanogen amine storm affects, this factory stop production rectifies much day. The manufacturer ever disclosed to media about chief, the loss that incident causes passes 100 million. Below this kind of setting, jun Lebao and 3 deer " bounds of make a clear distinction " , plan development oneself. Current, jun Lebao has resumed production, product already went up in succession in each supermarket, convenience inn frame, northland, Bao Longcang each are big the supermarket already had abundant yoghurt to go up frame.

According to Jun Lebao market department discloses, at present manufacturer day handles delicacy to suckle ability to already achieved 300 tons or so. The market restores a respect, jun Lebao already restored the 70-80% before coming here in the sales volume of provincial capital market, the market outside area restores to be controlled to the half before the accident. "The consumer of Shijiazhuang is right it is very sentient that this brand returns Jun Lebao, sale status is at present pretty good. " an agency introduces to the reporter. Current, rebuild as consumer confidence, the yoghurt production company with this China the biggest north also is in Jun Lebao to restore vitality stage by stage.

Rely on original rough draft, at present liquid state suckles Jun Lebao a list of names posted up of market of Shijiazhuang of sales volume male crouch head.

■ look forward to of essay card grandma lends machine hair strength

Besides Jun Lebao, provincial capital market still has additional enterprise of two dairy produce, that is a world the course of study that amount to breast and the Shuang Qi with China north subordinate pharmacy breed course of study. In the whole nation look forward to of breast of numerous famous brand is coiled 3 get together when cyanogen amine storm is medium, the world amounts to He Shuangqi however can pay attention to one's own moral uplift without thought of others. This one result also lets little known before minor brand at a draught since reputation sparrow, made up for the market blank after 3 deer exeunt quickly. The near future, look forward to of these two breast horse race encircles the ground, race to control is original the domain of 3 deer.
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