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"Black food " why can fashionable whole world?
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World of blown away by wind of He Feng of black food predestined relationship, that after all what is black food? "Black food " advocate if point to,contain provision of melanin and the grain that contain black word, oily, fruit, greens, fungus. Commonly used black food has: Flesh of Shen of dish of Chi of black rice, rye, violet rice, black Qiao Mai, black soya bean, black soya bean, black sesame seed, black agaric, black Xianggu mushroom, laver, hair, kelp, Hei Sang, dateplum persimmon, chestnut, longan, black. Modern medicine thinks: "Black food " not only nutrition is rich, and have filling kidney more, prevent consenescence, health care lengthens life, prevent disease to treat a disease, the distinct effect such as Wu Famei look. Via considering to make clear in great quantities, "Black food " sanitarian effect is concerned except the 3 big nutriment that contain with its, vitamin, microelement outside, what its contain melanin kind material also produced special positive effect. If melanin has the freedom inside cleared body base, fight oxidation, fall hematic fat, fight the action such as tumor, hairdressing.

This is " black food " the mystery place of fashionable whole world. Black food its nutrition and sanitarian function are very apparent. According to determining, 18 kinds of when human body needs amino acid are contained in black rice, still contain the microelement such as the iron with very high content, calcic, manganese, zinc and natural pigment, often the content that edible can raise human body hematin and haemoglobin significantly, have sanitarian effect to cardiovascular system, and be helpful for children development, the constitution after be good at head and puerpera disease declines the rehabilitation of the weak. Food expert thinks, black food gives people the appetite sense with plain, thick, husky flavour not only, and prove via clinical practice: Often edible these food, function of physiology of adjustable human body, stimulate internal system, stimulative saliva is secreted, bowel of stomach having urge is digested with enhance hematopoiesis function, raise haemoglobin content, grow skin hairdressing, black sends action, also have certain effect to deferring consenescence.

Science considers to confirm, food of 24 kinds of black has the effect that fight cancer, wait with turtle, Wu Mei, holothurian, dateplum persimmon, black agaric, soy, cuttlefish especially among them for beautiful. According to the analysis, turtle (renown soft-shelled turtle) body memory is in many enzymatic, the leucocyte in its blood is content more very tall, the scientist feeds soft-shelled turtle pink feed have an inoculation the mice of cancer cell, bump of the cancer cell inside the mouse system that feeds pink of 50 grams soft-shelled turtle was fed to decrease everyday after 30 days 30% , researcher returns discovery, soft-shelled turtle carapace also has the effect that fights cancer, suit tumor patient edible very much. Smoked plum is green plum classics treatment is fumigated become fructification, its appearance is black Brown. The boiling water of clear lung of ginseng of medicine made of two or more ingredients that contains Wu Mei, the lymphocyte that can raise tumor patient is changed rate, apply to cervix cancer, nose pharynx cancer, rectum cancer. Holothurian it is a kind of nourishing analeptic, from holothurian in the thorn ginseng of extraction sticks polysaccharide to all have certain curative effect to a variety of cancer, be opposite especially gland cancer curative effect is much better. Dateplum persimmon contains rich vitamin, have extremely strong buildup the action of force of the immunity inside body, have apparent curative effect to cardia cancer, lung cancer, haematemesis.
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