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Buy problem milk powder to also be accused to the court do not win manufacturer
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"What my child drinks is not the problem milk powder that ascends on newspaper, but quality has a problem however. " Zhengzhou citizen door the lady gives sign up for a hot line to hit a phone to say today.

Door the lady's child this year 4 years old, like to drink powdered milk as a child, the children recipe powdered milk that drinks some brand among them already half an year, what she is afraid that the child is drunk is problem milk powder, taking this kind of milk powder to go Henan province sanitation and antiepideic station detects. The result makes her astonied, in milk powder 3 get together cyanogen amine content exceeds bid 70% above.

"The answer of manufacturer also makes me foolish eye, they say, although I am bought milk powder has a problem, but inside the batch range that this kind of milk powder does not publish in the country, they do not have method to retreat, there already was not inventory in factory of this kind of milk powder now, the country does not detect, I am accused to the court namely also accuse do not win " .

Door the lady is very helpless, because there still are 52 bags in her home,this is planted milk powder. If you want to know whether the powdered milk that the child drinks is eligible, remember follow a lady to detect euqally personally, the businessman is retreated be not being retreated is other one thing, the child's safety can be the most important.

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