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Hebei Buddhist culture to promote spiritual civilization construction supplies e
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March 20, 2010 to 22, by the Chinese people and Exhibition Centre, Hebei, China Buddhist Association and other units jointly organized by the Buddhist culture of China, Hebei Shijiazhuang Housewares Show will be held. It is reported that Hebei Buddhist culture has a long history. A number of historic temples such as the birthplace of Rinzai Rinzai Temple, the birthplace of Zen Zhaoxian Berlin Zhaozhou Tibetan Buddhist Monastery and Temple Temples and other priorities, the formation of a number of distinctive Buddhist culture landscape, and in some countries and region a greater impact every year attracts many domestic and overseas guests come to visit and pilgrimage. Show organizers said the show aims for the majority of Buddhist goods manufacturers and overseas traders, buyers, distributors and other build quality and efficient trading platform for Buddhist Culture, Buddhist culture to enhance the quality of products to further promote the socialist construction of spiritual civilization and economic development of better and faster. Exhibition for the better play in promoting the spread of Buddhist culture, the positive effects of the exhibition organizing committee also planned the VIP guest area, will be dedicated to famous monasteries were homes on display around the historical and cultural sites, features Buddhist culture.
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