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Shenyang food quality checks pass rate of 80.8% Expanded Food
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According to the Shenyang Municipal Quality and Technical Supervision issued the notification, recently expanded in Shenyang City, the quality supervision and inspection of food products, a total sample of 68 companies, testing of the samples of 78 batches, which passes the 63 batches, with a pass rate of 80.8%. Expanded in 78 batches of food at least 14 batches of product failure. 1 batch of extruded products which failed the acid value, a batch of aluminum extruded products, the project failed, the total number of colonies exceeded the 5 batches, 11 batches of 9 batches of saccharin and cyclamate project failed, 3 batches of extruded Products in the lemon project failed. Total number of colonies was to evaluate the degree of bacterial contamination of food is an important indicator. Total number of colonies exceeded that of food production, storage, transportation, sales process is microbial contamination, excessive lead people to eat after the cause intestinal diseases. The random inspection Dongling District of Shenyang City in the forest food factory in Week 21 April 2010 the bridge noodle production (puffed food) and the highest total number of colonies measured as high as 290000cfu / g, beyond the limits 20 times. Quality and Technical Supervision Shenyang stakeholders suggest that priority should be to buy the food to the regular large-scale shopping malls, supermarkets to buy famous brand products. Also note the time of purchase selection are QS (food production license) logo products, attention to product packaging logo are complete (product name, name and address, date of production, product level, shelf life, production date, net weight, product class implementation of standards). Particular attention to the production date, select the shelf life of products, the best of the recent products.
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