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November Hangzhou food quality and safety index released public fried, puff
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November 2010, Hangzhou, the 4 categories of food and seasonal vegetables were tested, and their food quality and safety index are: dairy products 98.2 97.8 Beverages, alcohol 97.7, 96.7 and puffed food potato, seasonal vegetables 99.9. These data indicate that the food quality of Hangzhou are in safe area, the public can rest assured that purchase. The general public on the "fried food" and "Expanded Food" is not assured The detection range of more than 280 companies involved in the production of 299 batches of food, 38,322 batches of vegetables. Product coverage and market-oriented local enterprises in Hangzhou products. October's survey results show the highest degree of public concern is the "fried food" and "puffed food," November "Food quality and safety into my home" community survey activities to fried foods and puffed food as the main content, respectively, in the City Money Lane community, expand the community of West Lake District, Kerry Green Garden. Organization "members of the public with quality survey" to shopping malls, supermarkets, wholesale food market to purchase a five brands of potato and puffed food sent to the Quality and Technical Supervision Inspection Institute, Hangzhou detection. Upon examination, all qualified. Found through the questionnaire, the public believes that "cooking oil, dairy products, spices, pastries and sweets," the sense of security is relatively high, the "fried food" and "Expanded Food" is still not assured. Hangzhou quality supervision department, said the quality of these two types of food safety will continue to pay attention. How to buy, eat puffed food Expanded food to cereal, beans, potatoes as the main raw material, made of extruded technology significantly increased the volume, with a certain degree of sparse crisp puffed food. Baking process can be divided according to type, deep-fried type, direct compression type, color type 4 types. Expert advice in the purchase and consumption, should note the following: 1, select the brand. Choice for large shopping malls, supermarkets selling well-known brand-name products production. 2, to see identification. Buy a pre-packaged products and pay attention to the product tag. Purchase special attention to the production date, select the shelf life of products, the best of the recent products. 3, smell the smell, taste Road. Open the packaging product odor smell is normal, there should be no pungent rancid taste, appearance does not mildew, texture should be crisp. In addition, experts advise, puffed food generally has a high fat, high calorie, high sugar, and other characteristics, not long-term excessive consumption. Especially for people not too much carbohydrate intake or high blood pressure patients should choose carefully extruded food. Meanwhile, the children are in stage of physical development, but also pay attention to a reasonable diet, balanced nutrition. If a large number of food before eating puffed food, likely to cause a sense of fullness, of normal meal.
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