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Fried puffed food self-proclaimed "health"
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Increasing food safety concern in recent years, the reporter visited the market yesterday, noted that the market name of "health" food more and more signs, many of them are generally considered not conducive to human health products. Experts said the province is currently no "health food" standard, the market most advertised "health" food, they are actually the people in the flicker. "Health" reasons varied Yesterday (22) reporters in the city's survey noted that some large supermarkets, the packaging proclaiming "healthy" foods more and more, most of them concentrated in the biscuits, preserved foods, frozen foods, beverages, and instant noodles and other products, They advertised the "health" reasons are manifold. Drinks in the supermarket area, playing a brand of mineral water health card, on the grounds that water from the pollution-free place; a tea drinks, low sugar so nominal as "healthy." Snack foods in the supermarket area, known as the "health" food even more, for example, some chips contain a dozen nutrients known, so marked with the "health" word; some sweet potato chips, sweet potato is called World Health Organization study and selected the winner of the best vegetables, so their products are "healthy"; also some products of the "health" reasons for the no added preservatives, artificial colors; other casual dishes is as low-salt and "health . " There are many brands of instant noodles also called themselves "healthy", some marked as "non-fried", and some fried noodles though nominal, but still "justifiably" claiming to be "healthy." This reporter learned that the World Health Organization experts, fried foods, preserved foods, processed meat categories (meat, meat floss, sausages, etc.), biscuits (excluding low-temperature baking and whole wheat crackers ), cola soft drinks food, convenience foods (mainly refers to instant noodles and puffed food), canned food (including meat and fish and fruit), plum preserves food (preserved fruit), frozen dessert foods (ice cream, popsicles, and the kinds of ice cream), grilled food, and many other products, is generally not conducive to human health, and advised consumers not to eat too much. "Compared with other products, many advertised 'healthy' food is more welcomed by the public, although some of the retail price was higher." Supermarket-related sales more than Fuzhou told reporters, such as oil is now recognized that many consumers eat a lot of fried food is not good, so are more willing to buy those labeled as "non-fried," the instant noodles or snacks. "Health food" no standard Food and Drug Administration of Fujian Province at the relevant policies and regulations say, in China, "Food Safety Law", only "health food" is defined, not "health food" definition. This reporter learned that, at present, including the United States, Australia and other developed countries are not in law the "health food" defined. Currently on the market-styled "healthy" products are claimed to be green, that green is indeed the "health food" it? Green Food Development Center of Fujian Province yesterday, concerned that the pollution-free food, green food and organic food in the growing conditions, planting and other aspects related to the process requirements, the use of its logo there are strict rules, but because there is no "health food" definition, so do not bring pollution-free, green and organic food is simple with the "health food" equated. Arbitrary standard of "health" Fudge consumers This reporter learned that, according to our September 1, 2008 shall come into force of the "food labeling regulations," labeling the content of food labeling may include: non-health food express or implied, with health effects; to deceptive or misleading way of describing or introducing food; additional products that could not confirm the basis and so on. Fujian Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision of staff is responsible for standardization of the business, told reporters, many currently on the market labeled as "healthy" food is actually in the flicker of consumers, what is healthy food, there is no authoritative standards and definitions, propaganda is "health food" is extremely irresponsible, far from the norm, and not credible. "In fact, health is a relative concept, as some components of food is beneficial to human health, but some are useless or even harmful." Province some nutrition experts said yesterday that the industry generally believe that foods contain nutrients better , but with how much content can be regarded as "health food", not yet defined. Food is beneficial to human health, with different people, different cooking methods are also related. Like the sweet potato is rich in vitamins, beneficial to human health, but if deep-fried cooking, then it is also beneficial to humans should be explored to.
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