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Chen Zhu: Safe to food excessive and sensitive it is hypersensitive
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On September 5, 2007 (on Wednesday) in the morning 10 when, office of news of the State Council holds a press conference, ask Chen Zhu of minister of Ministry of Public Health to introduce what system of medical treatment of collaboration of countrywide new-style country moves to concern a situation, answer the reporter asks. It is news briefing memoir below.

China Daily reporter quizs, problem of latter food safety is wide suffer take seriously, excuse me, is old minister in with respect to door of Ministry of Public Health ensure what work aspect of Chinese food safety did? Still your individual evaluates the current situation of aspect of Chinese food safety?

Chen Zhu expresses, recently, premier Wen Jiabao points out, stressing product quality and food safety is the product that the common people that should assure China can use quality safety above all, can eat on safe provision. While so we are strengthening punish of domestic food safety, also welcome international collaboration. What I want to remind some friends is, really the sensitivity that we want to maintain altitude to this problem, but the excessive sensitivity that produces in order to slant completely without exception, be being told on medicine is hypersensitive.

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