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Wang Shuo army: American drug-store committee how a random word Oh
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Be in charge of differring by branch of various medicine inspect with the management of Chinese drugstore, apothecary, drug-store management of the United States is intricate much. The enrollment that committee of each state chemist's shop is in charge of apothecary, continue to teach, it is drug-store management even make and carry out of relevant code etc, and the circumstance that differs according to each city, the right of drug-store committee differs somewhat again.

But be abused as safety of medicines and chemical reagents increasingly by each square attention, medicaments more and more serious and the occurrence that electronic prescription carries out speed to wait for a problem slow, pressure of susceptive of committee of each state chemist's shop is greater and greater, the independent capital budget of a lot of drug-store committee, administrative power force also be called in gradually and transform a government sector, why can appear this kind of result, drug-store committee this what course to follow, can be drug-store still handed in by drug-store appoint will the member manage?

As average consumer or the staff member of a certain drugstore may be experienced very hard, but at present committee of chemist's shop of American each state is facing enormous pressure is a fact that does not dispute however. Although be faced with hand inadequacy and funds are in short supply, committee still is in the drug-store of each district to arrive to be popularized from electronic prescription medicaments modulation inside each duty that drug-store involves decides new regulations system, meanwhile, committee is faced even register apothecary to the number rises ceaselessly and undertake monitoring to the drugstore on the net such real problem.

And personage of a few criticism thinks however: Too inattentive, response is slow on the execution of most drug-store committee in the system, over the health of interest park public drugstore industry.

Look, whether will these committee still serve as independence and effective public health to execute the law henceforth orgnaization reservation comes down, perhaps depend on greatly how do they answer afore-mentioned questions.

Committee difference is too big cause administrative disorder

Current, 53 independent drug-store committee are in the United States each city and apanage (include Guam, Puerto Rico and Colombian special zone) exercise administrative power, although committee is assuming all drug-store to apothecary is registered and be carried out,continue the responsibility such as education, but how is drug-store committee run reach its independent character to have how old, there still is very big difference between various places.

In a few cities, the work that completely own drug-store committee begins includes: Undertake administrative to apothecary, executive drugstore and other the law that concerns with medicines and chemical reagents, and can adopt the provision about drugstore management independently, in order to protect public security. And be in a few otherer city, drug-store committee belongs to advisory property purely, by the city superintendency branch is in charge of execute the law and making regulations system. In addition, a few cities run chemist's shop relevant right cent to deserve to be mixed to drug-store committee superintendency branch. Accordingly, be in the United States, doing not have two drug-store committee is identical.
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