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Lv Qing: Produce rises in price why is the farmer benefited hard
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The farmer rises in price from produce hard in get material benefit, expend with overmuch duty closely related. Abolished agricultural tax, basic level government begins to be hit afresh breed door idea, undertake collecting fees in disorder to them.

Since this year, the price such as pork, commissariat rises considerably, but, newest investigation shows, in this one process, the farmer did not get corresponding material benefit. Did not get how many material benefit not only, because commissariat is deep,process a product (if edible is oily) rise in price, farmer interest is damaged instead. This brings about by the reason of many respects:

Agriculture produces a data to rise in price, kind of grain that increased a farmer, breed cost. The last few years, grain price rises all the way, the farmer is planted grain enthusiasm is very tall, but they produce a data to rise in price because of agriculture instead and become short of money, the reason is grain price rises the rate that speed rises in price without manufacturing data is rapid. This kind of phenomenon actually from had appeared a few years ago, although abolished agricultural tax in the round 2006,also fail to have materiality change. According to national tax Wu total bureau is calculated, after abolishing agricultural tax in the round, countrywide farmer reduces a burden in all 125 billion yuan, average share arrives on the body of countrywide nearly 900 million farmer, average per capita is controlled for 138 yuan. But, produce a material rise in price the profit that because cancel agricultural duty to obtain,reduced a farmer, this and at present manufacturing data rises in price the accrual that quits grain price rises, have very much same place.

Up to now, the impetus that manufacturing data rises still is not decreased, in case of this kind of state goes down continuously, will naturally affect a farmer to plant the enthusiasm of grain. According to the report, heilongjiang part area is planted the cost of a mu of soja already rose 143 yuan, by mu produce 150 kilograms, 0.5 kilograms of price are calculated 1.2 yuan, gross profit has 360 yuan only, eliminate artificial cost earns without Qian Ke almost. Accordingly, rise in price to producing a material problem, should increase on one hand supply channel, form the effective competition structure of the market, at the same time blow operates the market, drive up the action that produces data price. On the other hand, the government should offer a farmer proper subsidy, rise in manufacturing data especially faster a particular year.

Because feed rises in price, the cost that the farmer raises a pig is in likewise promote considerably. Feed occupies the 70 % left and right sides of the cost that raise a pig, still include the cost such as cost of epidemic prevention, tax besides. If feed cost rises continuously, and rise speed exceeds pork value (show the farmer sells bade division) , the farmer raises the enthusiasm of the pig to be able to be restrained. The pork price this year rises so swift and violent, because a lot of farmer that raise a pig sold a pig earnings 2006,offset feed cost not quite namely, must butcher sow, abandon raising pig be caused by. Want to solve this problem, need finance contributive give a farmer certain allowance, offset the loss of the farmer. In fact, such doing of a lot of states on the world when facing this kind of problem. For instance Germany, the government gives every hog allowance about 30 euro (amount to RMB 312 yuan) , because feed rises in price,this can prevent a farmer effectively bring about be thwarted of the enthusiasm that raise a pig.
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