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Rash wine memoir of dialog of 5 strong heights
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Conversational honored guest: Zhang Ming of general manager of Inc. of group of source of raw power of Shandong Mount Taishan new

Shandong pulls down Zhang Hui of well group vise general manager

Shandong Gu Beichun limited company sells company director Zhou Qingdong

Li Zhenbo of vise general manager of Inc. of group of station of Qingdao Lang Ya

Yin Hui of assistant of president of orchid hill group

Standing vice-chairman holds Trade Association of deputy food of Shandong sugar spirits concurrently acute of secretary-general Xue sword

Zhi Datian issues Zhang Xuejun of president of sale adviser orgnaization

Shanghai flower holds business management high to seek advice from Jin Long of company president Guo

Regard China as the biggest wine trade group, shandong is the province with Chinese liquor the biggest crop, also be the province that has the sale with maximum amount to pass 100 million companies at the same time. Rash wine is in the crucial period of development at present, on one hand such as pulls down well, Gu Beichun such new beautiful the latercomers surpass the formers, structure of force of Lu Jiuchuan all is being broken; On the other hand, maintain the market that takes one party each for years to ankylose condition also is being broken, strong brand is trying more and more area besides graph seek base area larger development space. In this crucial period, how should be rash wine business done? How can you do? It is very valuable undoubtedly to the discussion of these problems.

For this, "Agency of food of Chinese sugar spirits expands forum (Shandong) " invited rash wine 5 big companies participate in the development that discusses rash wine together. Bear of these 5 companies calls rash wine the delegate, have once rash wine " 4 everybody a group of things with common features " delegate, also have similar Gu Beichun such promising young person. A few rash liquor chief and 3 communication that the expert opens type are passed below, believe the reader can be promoted to Lu Jiufu and outspread method has deeper knowledge.

Find out bury in subterranean " golden mine "

In the dialog, 5 big rash wine business happens to coincide the ground mentions a brand make. This is the consideration that is based on reality not only, also be a kind of method alternative that can develop continuously.

Zhang Ming is new: Rash wine has had brilliant, but also took roundabout way as a result of the reason of the history, idea. I think rash wine is backward have two reasons: Rash wine is short of famous degree, those who be short of is beautiful praise degree; Do not lack culture resource, those who be short of is the mining to culture. Take popular now continous soft model for liquor, the low neither one spending wine of Shandong is not continous is soft, but why to silver coin the river was accepted by consumer, because,be his first impressions are strongest, and brand conformity is done well, say to must want so from brand proceed with. Accordingly rash wine urgent affairs is integrated and existing natural resources establishs a brand, raise the United States praise degree, and build good market network.
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