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Yuan Zegong: Alliance of drugstore purchase and sale can be in two sides gain
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Now nowadays, in if in medical industry heat is talked, be being inscribed, alliance of drugstore purchase and sale can calculate. Do not know from when to rise, if alliance of drugstore purchase and sale holds water in succession like emerge, reason no more than, this kind of mode can earn money, also can obtain large quantities of commerce and retail resource at the same time. But the favour often is ground more, find a way that can earn money, everybody rises together, natural also with respect to hilltop bristly, that is met of course good and evil people mixed up, and gainful.

Anatomize, the gain of alliance of drugstore purchase and sale nods no more than to have the following: Gross profit of general medicine purchase and sale, exclusive medicine or new special gross profit of medical purchase and sale, downstream client joins in inn of cost, door or management are mandatory cost, regular meeting or groom collect fees, the advertisement of allied journal collects fees and information is compositive collect fees etc.

Alliance of purchase and sale has looked at drugstore to earn money, but difficulty is very actually tall. For instance general medicine purchase and sale, want to do turnover very greatly, gross profit also has safeguard, must one bushing manage and information system are propped up, but this kind of management and information system are not 1 100 million or 5 turnover of 100 million can pay to rise. Issue tourist door to join in for instance again cost and mandatory charge, if alliance is on retail management and retail outstanding achievement,become before be less than 3 word, what can your brand bring, mandatory how to assure profit again, how is plan taken again numerous? Through holding regular meeting make peace grooms, alliance can be in short-term inside score gain, but the income of this respect should rely on a brand likewise, if just pull two so called experts to tell lecture, is not the solution that offers actual combat to change, can you live for a long time how again go down?

Allied to drugstore purchase and sale, the author has the following point of views:

Viewpoint one: Alliance of drugstore purchase and sale can be in two sides gain: Exclusive medicine or new special the advertisement of gross profit of medical purchase and sale and allied journal collects fees.

The gain of exclusive medicine is affirmative, want alliance to have numerous and upriver resource, very good bargain ability, downstream close together client and good sale service only. And the advertisement of allied journal collects fees solved reach the issue of rate, have allure relatively to upriver manufacturer, important is emission quantitative class, arrived 50 thousand above, want not gain is difficult.

Now, we can see a such phenomena: The sponsor of alliance of drugstore purchase and sale often is drugstore of retail industry " sprat " , "Great stature " those who stand up is very few, the person that join at the same time also is " sprat " . For instance PTO is cultivated by Guizhou wait for company of drugstore of 8 regional chain to initiate, and Tegeeryuan Yu Zhilin, these chain companies are not big shopkeeper in home, at most dominate exclusively one party just. And the downstream client of collect also compares PTO and Tegeer mostly small, and at 2, 3 class market. Why can you form this kind of situation? is big shopkeeper " myopia " ? The author thinks, "Sprat " initiate and be being joined have reason. "Sprat " initiating is to obtain speech authority, borrow aircraft is fast expand and gain; "Sprat " because compete,joining is hasten of intense, gross profit is low and to obtain new development thinking. And big shopkeeper vacancy also is well-founded, than spelling general medicine cent is sold, purchase allied affirmation to be sold than minutes the tradition is great nevertheless business and approve trade quickly; Cent of more exclusive than going all out medicine is sold, alliance needs Gao Shuiping at least carry out and engineer a talent, even very extensive cent sells channel, moreover the natural resources of exclusive medicine is limited also, be in additionally show level, big him shopkeeper commercial site conformity has not been finished, impossible also cent gives a lot of energy to do purchase alliance.
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