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King colourful beautiful: Battle of brand of start shooting of research and deve
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▲ innovates: From cost to the technology

Even if has the funds of research and development with personnel of numerous high quality research and development, sufficient whole world, banner technology, in last few years American new drug appears on the market speed still appears the trend of slow down. Concerned data shows, the new drug measure that American FDA approval appeared on the market 2006 achieved the lowest that comes nearly 8 years, only 18 new drug obtain annual appear on the market license; Corresponding, business of very much large pharmacy already accelerated the rate that introduces item of new research and development from world each district.

According to statistic, in business of the numerous and famous pharmacy that cross a state, the project of own research and development occupies the 1/3 of all and ongoing project only, the others project leans exterior introduce. What answer relatively to it is, in recent years industry interior is in Chinese pharmacy to build up ceaselessly the energy of innovation, seek what go up in the international market " technical break out of an encirclement " .

In different situation, pharmaceutical college of Shanghai traffic university teachs Jin Ta to insist to emphasize Chinese medicine achieving the importance of sexual research and development and possibility formerly all the time, look in him, "Development of Chinese medicine technology does not lack a person with ability now, do not be short of platform, do not lack capital even, those who be short of is the industrialist that has international view and mature technical market. Those who be short of is the industrialist that has international view and mature technical market..

"Actual condition is, we have very large dominant position on research and development: Number of research and development resides the whole world the 2nd, the research center spreads all over the whole nation -- present workload returns the technical service platform such as center of engineering of technology of biology of ministry of heart of pitch on of Shanghai medicaments sieve, science and technology to do not have saturation at all. " Jin Ta points out, "More important is, if use 30 million yuan to 50 million yuan of build up, an enterprise of foreign does not arrive 3 years two can these money ' burn ' smooth, if to moment its study achievement has not sold big company, do not have a law to live go down; And be in China, become the word of research and development with 50 million yuan, probable meeting accomplishs a product terminal market. " the text that Jin Ta desk comes from not just of course to the confidence of level of Chinese pharmacy innovation studies -- at the beginning of this year, in establishing the national new drug in Shanghai Zhang Jiang to choose, the heart showed gain of a newest research to the whole world, blame peptide kind peptide of appearance of element of tall blood sugar of young member pancreas, 1 accept put oneself in another's position excited agent, this is current and accepted, the most important resist one of drops of target of diabetic medicaments action. Once this research achievement is announced, caused Sha Dong of brightness luck, silent, Nuo and Nuo heart to wait for the attention of company of world top class pharmacy instantly. Although this medicaments research and development still is in,start level, but already more than 10 transnational corporation express, be willing contributive collaboration participates follow-up research. Thereafter 3 months, transnational corporation bids the technology of 37 million dollar makes over paragraph and global sale the cent of 9% is become, buy Shanghai lustre to give birth to science and technology to develop limited company major innovation medicaments -- " recombine a person Niulangelin " global market sells right. This last a period of time the innovation medicine of 7 years of research and development, once finish international clinical trial, have global range own intellectual property, will become China to march first of the international market achieve gene project medicaments formerly, annual interest embellish predicts to exceed 2.5 billion dollar.
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