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Problem of attention food safety pays close attention to infant milkings quality
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This year since March, quality of product of toy of the medicines and chemical reagents that China exports, toothpaste, children and food safety problem, be made exaggerate by a few countries and media hype, height of our country government takes seriously and established quality of product of the State Council and food safety technically to head a group, special punish is begun in countrywide limits, as the infant " grain ration " infant milk powder, nature is Chongzhongzhi is weighed.

Mention problem of infant milkings quality, must allude Australian breast job is secure. The quarantine system with relatively isolated situation, rigid Australia can make Australia milk cow is far from epidemic disease area, do not suffer infection, its milk cow is natural depasture, do not inject expedite child delivery element, carried out successfully inside lacteal industry limits " run a system to mensal quality from grass " , assured the security that Australian milkings begins from raw milk and dependability further thereby, became international to breed quality of course of study runs model. In recent years, for the representing's Australia with bay actor high grade milkings gets the favour of increasing China consumer, broke the monopoly of Euramerican and high-grade milkings, australia already became the 3rd big milkings of Chinese to supply a country now.

Sina net speaks solely CEO of limited company of bay actor milkings Mr Chen Yuanrong and official of bureau of Australian milk trade Mr Phill Goode, the provision that pays close attention to extensively with respect to domestic consumer is safe especially problem of quality of infant dairy products, undertook relevant discussion.

Compere: Chen Zong, you are safe to the food that in recent years domestic consumer pays close attention to most problem, especially infant food problem, have why view?
Chen Zong: Above all, our country still owes the phase that develop relatively at, as a result of too rapid development of economy, bring about generator level the good and bad are intermingled, and the quality that still cannot control good raw material completely to breed at present. Next, infant milk powder is powder of aggrandizement recipe milk, the accretion of a few vitamins and microelement often limits of unreasonable very inaccessible perhaps standard; The technology that manufactures on one hand is controlled harder, mix inhomogenous, the on the high side when detecting or on the low side; On the other hand, the quality that the supplier that is vitamin and microelement offers has a problem, the requirement of unwarrantable production technology; The 3rd, it is partial generator thinks these itself are minim, detect difficult or detect do not come out, flat be not added or add less. Of course, want to solve these problems, first measure is the issue that wants a doorsill that enter town, solve standard problem namely, technical standard rises can hold off one much to detect the level is low, equipment requirement is low with the generator with technical low level; It is to strengthen next superintend, raise us to superintend ceaselessly ability and supervisory level, improve the quality awareness that produces operator and product quality ceaselessly thereby.
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