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In disappear assist: Current spending domain is put in 8 disharmonious
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Mu Jianhua of secretary-general of Chinese consumer society holds 4 days in Shanghai " sincere letter starts business " express on high-level forum, at present our country is accelerating system of construction society credit, but a few operator do not say sincere letter, destroy the market environment of fair competition, damage consumer to close right increase.

Mu Jianhua says, main show is in these disharmonious phenomena that consume a domain 8 respects:

Employ a concept, average data shakes the body turns into high-tech material. A few operator are used " bomb type " false advertisement conduct propaganda, misdirect consumption. Nowadays year first half of the year of exposure " introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad master does not stick boiler " incident, data of average aluminium alloy boiler conduct propaganda is become " space technology " " high-tech " material.

Change a contract in disorder, force consumer to accept. A few operator change consumptive contract at will, do not adopt man-to-man the kind that tells customer effectively, however announcement is public show, force consumer to accept. If bank of partial bank collection blocks year of cost, short message,the service enforces custom-built etc.

Deliberate break a contact, cover the room does not sell it is high price only. Current, phenomenon of deliberate break a contact is behaved in real-estate industry apparent. Partial development business is active break a contact, pay consumer fixed penalty due to breach of contract, the purpose is commodity house with higher price resell, earn more profit.

Set guild regulations oneself, limit consumer right. A few operator force trade provision at consumer, limitative consumer exercise just when the right. If a few restaurant prohibit,consumer opens bottle of cost to wait from the water that take wine or collection. Actually, this kind guilds regulations and can not produce legal effectiveness to consumer.

Abuse international rule, choose only advantageous to oneself. A few operator are when processing and consumer dispute, "Alternative " the ground cites advantageous to oneself international convention, evasive adverse to oneself part. If foreign airline has,give certain amount compensatory usual practice to the consumer that because of making work above quota the ticket cannot board the plane, but some domestic airline are introduced only make work above quota the practice of the ticket, incorrect however the consumer that because exceed,make work and cannot board the plane undertakes compensating.

Double standard, encourage consumes discrimination. When operator is offerring a product or serving, according to consumer identity or district different and distinction is treated, implement double multiple even standard.

Commerce boodles, consumer of cost marry again. The cost that operator boodles because of commerce and produces, final meeting marry again arrives on consumer body.
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