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Desert ginseng saline cistanche
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Your look, the Badan Jilin that will to Inner Mongolia A pull west division of be apt to is desert, the Wen Gang that connects one inward collect also is poetic sex big hair. See this some audience wanted to ask nevertheless, wen Gang is big old far run to desert, still search what sacsaoul, what is this sacsaoul after all?

Wen Gang: This sacsaoul is sacsaoul tree. It is Inner Mongolia A the alliance that play kind uses windbreak solid sand technically. What nevertheless I should search finally today is not sacsaoul tree, it is saline cistanche of desert cistanche Cistanche desekticola!

Should say this saline cistanche can be material of very rare Chinese traditional medicine then. The beauty that has desert ginseng praise. The root department that parasitism establishs in sacsaoul. Have the function of slippery bowel of marrow of the beneficial that write essence of life, moisten the respiratory tract, for nourishing top grade. The area of path real estate that the Badan Jilin desert that Inner Mongolia A pulls west division of be apt to can be saline cistanche. The saline cistanche pulp that produces here is qualitative fleshy, oily sufficient, scale is clear, the top grade in the saline cistanche that be called. A lot of friends that to Badan Jilin desert travels want saw with one's own eyes to see.

Wen Gang: Hello master, is that sacsaoul?

Herdsman: Either, this is licorice.

Master; Here is desert hinterland, want to see sacsaoul is very difficult.

Wen Gang; You say, how doesn't so beautiful scenery grow sacsaoul?

General sacsaoul tree is in what desert hinterland lives below this kind of harsh feral environment not much, in A Lashan the sacsaoul tree with west major division is on the sanded ground of desert brim take plant of person type of work, sanded effect of so windbreak solid is better, OK also and scientific reasonable have an inoculation is collected receive saline cistanche.

Wen Gang: Want to find sacsaoul tree, local herdsman tells me to be able to stand dene to Yabulaizhi only. The master sets out.

Wen Gang: Master, you this is to dig desert cistanche Cistanche desekticola.

Farmer: Either, it is kind of desert cistanche Cistanche desekticola.

Wen Gang: This is feral.

Farmer: Either, oneself contract.

Wen Gang: Contracted how many mus?

Farmer: Many mus 100.

Wen Gang: You is this is scattering a seed?

Farmer: You cannot be scattered this, can scatter a packet only, more expensive, every gram 25, 40 yuan.

Saline cistanche is vivacious flesh plant of qualitative herbaceous parasitism, want to breed saline cistanche to must breed sacsaoul tree first so. Saline cistanche is cultivated artificially even if be the root department that establishs in sacsaoul sow saline cistanche seed artificially, the growth that controls through two years can obtain saline cistanche.
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