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Chen Aijun: Par drugstore dilate is lack of power regression defends the territo
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The picture that par drugstore resembles such blossom everywhere already no longer, most chain company is contracting battlefront, big experienced exercise to benefit the internal organs.

When to walk out of Zhao Qing again, unknown still is in Chen Jianbin heart.

Two years ago, as Guangdong province cause celebrates city to take one of chain companies of dominant position, civilian health big chemist's shop is developed to be member unit by PTO. After two years, be based on same argument, civilian health big chemist's shop got again " Tegeer " allied favour. Chen Jianbin is civilian health the president of limited company of big drugstore chain, as " cox " , at present he besides wanting to choose more advantage breed for the company, think even civilian how should the outspread route after Kang Jin go.

On August 30, chen Jianbin expresses to the reporter: "We won't walk out of Zhao Qing temporarily, the target of next level is a community inn. The target of next level is a community inn..

Chen Jianbin did not realize probably, civilian health arrive from outward dilate those who return to native land intensive cultivation is decision-making, represented the choice of drugstore of instantly great majority.

Outspread and lack of power

Last year, civilian health attempt crosses area development, the city of adjacent to seeming Fosan of the choice in order to produce area of the Shi Wan with celebrated ceramic, Na Zhuang, this region economy developeds, consumption level is higher. Chen Jianbin says, they opened the par chemist's shop of a 400 much square metre at that time, large store is in place, "If open a few small chemist's shop, come the management, cost that deserves to send is higher, 2 come consequence is finite, hard start shooting brand " .

Civilian health different ground set up shop is politic, also be the tactics that other par drugstore always uses, brigade of Dan Minkang that tries water fares badly. Chen Jianbin is attributed to the reason that suffer a defeat " big environment is bad " , as a result of par be current, consumer is reduced to the susceptibility of the price, prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan very hard start shooting, "We are answered this year shrink the urban district, basically expand community store. Basically expand community store..

The enterprise that encounters this kind of situation not merely civilian health, li Jian of standing vise general manager of company of chain of industry of benevolence hall drug tells Sichuan heart the reporter, chengdu had company of a chain to open chemist's shop of a par in Shanxi, and Shanxi also has drugstore of a par to open the branch to Chengdu, the result is: Two drugstore closed.

In last few years, par drugstore is the daring vanguard of take cities and seize territory all the time, but begin from last year, the integral dilate of par drugstore shows the sign of go from bad to worse: "Happy person " south next Guangzhou are not had result and return, "Every day good " after the footstep steps into Shenyang market, again clinking beautiful is behaved, capture Shanghai " upland " a lot of par drugstore are alive nowadays in an abyss of suffering, lifted " save the nation from extinction moves " .
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