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Since period of time, the quality safety of Chinese produce gets widespread attention of international. A few days ago, sun Zhengcai of minister of Ministry of Agriculture at this point pertinent question accepted a reporter to interview.

Sun Zhengcai expresses, in recent years, according to the unified deploy of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the Ministry of Agriculture acts on the spirit that is in charge of highly to people health, regard task of a key as to be advanced with all one's strength produce quality safety from beginning to end, gain revolutionary headway ceaselessly. Level of safety of Chinese produce quality is having safeguard on the whole, consumer can be at ease completely edible.

Prep above of percent of pass allows when to be awaited before

Ask: Is safety of Chinese produce quality at present overall level how?

Sun Zhengcai: Go up century end, what supply of Chinese main produce came true to be balanced basically to supply and demand from long-term shortage is historic span, entered the new level that amount and quality pay equal attention to. To assure common people " rice bag " " food basket " safe, the Ministry of Agriculture is passed carry out " without produce of social effects of pollution the action plans " , build system of date from of sound quality safety, develop energetically without food of produce of social effects of pollution, green, organic food, ensure consumer food is safe.

In the meantime, from the proceed with of people consumer goods that common people table cannot leave, the key strengthens the produce such as pair of vegetable, fruit, pork to supervise selective examination, year after year of the percent of pass that monitor rises.

Current, remain of medicine of vegetable middle peasant is average percent of pass is 93.6% , in animal produce " lean lean essence " pollution and remain of sulphur amine medicaments are average percent of pass is respectively 98.8% with 99.0% ; The average percent of pass that the chloromycetin in aquatic product pollutes is achieved 99.6% ; Check of essence of the lean lean in feed product goes out rate is successive it is 3 years 0.

Look from the circumstance that monitor, the prep above of percent of pass of Chinese produce allows when to be awaited before.

Exit product quality occupies world front row

Ask: Export big country as produce, how does China ensure the quality safety that exports produce? Quality circumstance how?

Sun Zhengcai: Chinese produce satisfied domestic requirement not only, and still make the supply of world market variety is more rich. Current, chinese produce already exported 210 many nations of world and area, exit breed 70 many.

To assure to export produce quality, china carries out exit product to register the system that register, strict producing area examines quarantine, aggrandizement produce standardizes production, strengthen the communication that organizes with the international such as international Codex Alimentarius Commission and cooperation, raise standard of international of export agriculture products to collect mark to lead ceaselessly.
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