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With 3 kinds of means that short line product makes money
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When a lot of enterprises are handling short line product, have the way of one's own wishful thinking, that is, always be the hope uses open a way of short line product, of gain long term product follow-up, can earn it finally a basin full earthen bowl is full. Actually, the face is put in certain error here, and final result often lets a person be surprised: Short line product demands exceeds supply, long term product unmanned make inquires. The enthusiasm of enterprise have one's bosom filled with, grew the plan of the all in vain. Accordingly, taste an enterprise as quick pass the time in a leisurely way, also should operate from short line product above come clever and agile earn money. It is 3 kinds of means that short line product makes money below.

Seek profit with dimensions. Short line product often is short-lived product, short-lived, it is the strategic mission that loads because of it makes like that. For instance, short line product is commonly " cannon fodder " product, often disturbing the market, after making competitive brand so that be about to die, can exit historical arena, accordingly, it often does not load the mission that earn money. But actual condition is, a lot of agency sell only right (short line product) , do not sell expensive (long term product) , because price of short line product is otherer the product is low, profit space is opposite bigger, accordingly, they often product of short line of more zealous sale, let short line product make a hot number thereby, allow a company " cannot help doing sth " , be aimed at this kind of circumstance, must want to fluctuate in short line product as the enterprise full time, let short line product also make money. Short line product because profit space often lesser, accordingly, want to let short line product earn full profit for the enterprise, must go up with the product quantity, form dimensions advantage ability to achieve. Fast consumable enterprise wants to come true to seek the target of profit with sales volume, dimensions, must have done following works: 1, short line product wants relatively short. Short line product is not short the degree to be out of pocket, its short degree should follow the market to go up advocate contest tastes price to comparative, should mix as surveyor's pole with the first brand namely consult content, it is OK that price is tasted under contest slightly, general range can be in 5% the left and right sides, the end that such doing, it is to let short line product have enough large operation space, thereby can at a dash, let a product sell well in the market rise, form scope effect thereby. 2, should the market with inviting form is pulled use measure. Short line product wants to go up dimensions, still must do good market to pull begin construction. A new product, if short-term inside the impetus that cannot form sell like hot cakes in the market quite and situation, so, 10 have this product 89 meetings are in not lukewarm not in fire slowly gone, accordingly, short line product appears on the market, should reasonable and clever market is pulled move. For instance, novel sales promotion form, proper advertisement is pulled move, persistent terminal is vivid change etc, the market that spends energetically through early days is pulled move, build the atmosphere of sell like hot cakes, make a product fast fire rises, rise alive, achieve thereby short-term inside on the purpose of the quantity. 3, make sure enough product is supplied. Rely on dimensions to try the short line product that takes profit, ensure even as manufacturer supply of the product amply. Product sale is to should lean " situation " , pass built sell like hot cakes " imposing manner " , make product sale very fast form " inertial " , namely " potential energy " , let product sales volume thereby all the way violent wind rises. To amount to this target, should make a product ceaseless as the enterprise goods, will inspire agency confidence with this, allow the amount on the product success will come when conditions are ripe. For instance, some convenient cover company is tasted in the light of the contest of base area market in oneself roll out " dry eat emperor " product, roll out product of a short line " sweet crisp king " , this product from the price clingy contest is tasted, price keeps basically consistent, but in appear on the market early days, rolled out in the light of consumer award is set inside box (blow blow card) , installed award of sale accumulative total to wait a moment to channel business, accordingly, once the product appears, form impetus of sell like hot cakes very quickly, the product is tightened immediately spruce rise, because the plan is careful, this product raw material is purchased enough, content shedding deserves to send smooth, this product reached the sales volume of every months of nearly 400 thousand box very quickly, later, the market pulls motivation to spend narrow gradually, the enterprise hit contest to taste namely, scored gain again, achieved oneself profit, market the favorable result of two-way give attention to two or morethings.
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