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Liu Qi: Promote capital provision safety integral standard for chance with the O
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Yesterday morning, when Liu Qi of secretary of municipal Party committee is checking this city to produce safety of quality quantity and food to work, emphasize, food safety problem concerns the prime increase of the most numerous people, concern the Olympic Games that holds to have characteristic, Gao Shuiping, affect national figure, whole city various government, departmental door must take seriously highly, fulfil apanage to be in charge of making be in charge of making with the enterprise, it is chance with the Olympic Games, promote capital provision safety working whole standard in the round. Hill of Qi of king of vice secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor is checked together.

In small Shangshante dish base day installs agriculture to develop limited company and 2 trade group factory of couplet of the 5th flesh, the safety that the city leadership such as hill of Qi of Liu Qi, king looked carefully at vegetable, fresh pork detects, standardization is produced and deserve to send a case, view and emulate system of food safety date from. Pack a form that go up to pile up through commodity, consumer can learn fruit vegetables and animal product from cultivate breed, the message that raw material carries each segment such as manufacturing treatment, ensure the provision that wins high grade, security.

Supervise in safety of national provision quality examine center, city leadership looked carefully at control laboratory of hangover of control laboratory of hangover of drug of animal of microbial control laboratory, pesticide, additive agent for food carefully to wait for a branch, the Olympic Games that establishs technically in the center only before check sample, detailed knowledge concerns Liu Qi detect circumstance. City leadership still listened to the report that city food safety does, mix to ensure wide swarm is numerous the no risk at all of safety of Olympic Games food, this city establishs a standard, supply from feedstuff, production is raised, current deserve to send, the examination that monitor, product tracks each link to grab simultaneously, sanitation of meal of the place when supplying Olympic Games food equipment to choose base, production to machine enterprise, content shedding to deserve to send center, food to carry car, game bring into monitoring entirely, developed system of food safety date from, realized what each link superintends safety of Olympic Games food not to have scotoma, without breakpoint, complete enclothe.

Liu Qi points out, civilian it is a day in order to feed, food safety concerns the prime increase of the most numerous people, we must have solved this problem, satisfy the basic life requirement of people; Food safety also affects national figure, concern us whether the Olympic Games that holds to have characteristic, Gao Shuiping, it is a meaning more to Beijing great. Through everybody's effort, construction of supervisory system of capital provision security gains very great success, took the lead in building distinctive food safety to superintend a system in the whole nation, be in " lucky Beijing " in series sports match, safety of Olympic Games food ensures a system to run effectively, undertook initial exploration and underwent test.
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