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Zhang Xiaorui: Evaluation of traditional medicaments research and development ca
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In what held a few days ago world medicine learned congress to go up 2007, world Health Organization (WHO) section chief of traditional medicine department, tradition and the member that replace medicine to coordinate Ms. Zhang Xiaorui express, the complexity of traditional medicine, the research that decides its action mechanism and medicaments research and development, evaluation cannot cover the standard that chemically medicine studies simply.

The guideline that WHO will continue to provide traditional medicine security, effectiveness and character field and standard, drive member country to assure traditional medicine but acquired character and cheap quality, publicize reasonable use tradition and complement to replace medicine.

Zhang Xiaorui says, the thinking means of Western medicine research and development is, when the body falls ill, constant presence is worn some kind of factor that cause disease, want to treat a disease, must divide separate out this kind of factor will try to intervene. And the common characteristic that traditional medicine learns is, with one kind " whole " patient of ideal look upon, adjust through a variety of elements such as the body, mood, psychology, surroundings jointly, make human body is achieved " evenly " .

Zhang Xiaorui citing says, the Chinese traditional medicine that one kind is comprised by 4 kinds of medicinal herbs medicine made of two or more ingredients, have fight tumor active very well. Cultivate content constituent when take out random, its active can be reduced greatly. And in these 4 kinds of plants, may contain in plant of avery kind of tens of even about a hundred kinds of chemical composition, its therapy effect is probable the result that is these composition synergism. And chemical medicine often is onefold chemistry is become, its research and development is course laboratory research, one, 2, 3 period clinical test and verify, appear on the market through approval next. This kind is different, make traditional medicaments has research, opinion very hard in that way like chemical medicine, this also is the difficulty that exists in traditional drug research.

Zhang Xiaorui expresses, WHO devotes oneself to traditional medicaments to be in all the time the development strategy of each member country, encourage on policy will traditional medicine and complement and replace medical conformity to enter national hygiene system.

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