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Wei Kejia: Peach blocks brandish χ an ancient nationality in China to do specia
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Milk cow breed aquatics produces cost house not to fall high, benefit drops, and other places of Inner Mongolia, Shanxi appeared a few breed door pour the grandma, phenomenon that slaughters a cattle. Wei Kejia of secretary-general of association of Chinese milk trade reminds --
The rhyme that suckles course of study to should not weigh skip live pig to produce (special interview)

" People's Daily " (2007-09-12 the 05th edition)

Jiangsu province promotes a when turn city large inside the field that raise a cattle, the staff member is in feed milk cow.
Luo Zhongming is photographed

Breed door why should pour a grandma to slaughter a cattle?
Malign competition makes the gain space of milkings enterprise contractible; Cost rises cause the loss that raise a cattle

Reporter: According to statistic, our country suckled kind of total output to amount to many tons 3000 2006, be next to India and United States, rank the world the 3rd, but the latter development that suckle course of study also is existing it seems that a few problems.

Wei Kejia: Yes. In recent years, milk cow breed aquatics makes the industry with the rapiddest development in stock raising. But, this industry is lying currently the decisive phase of development. At present the milk cow of about 40% breeds the whole nation door appear the deficit of different level, some places still appeared to pour a grandma, sell the ox, phenomenon that slaughters a cattle, even newborn mother calf also is sold by the price with hundreds of yuan of money. If this kind of state is not changed, the delayed effect that the influence develops to milk cow course of study.

Cite a case, before two years pork price goes low all the way, to last year drop to lowermost cereal in year, and the feed price that the corresponding period gives priority to with corn rises all the way however, a lot of breed aquatics a deficit, in succession butcher sow. Milk industry production appeared now similar symptom of a trend, if give aid to not actively, the hog production that resembles the near future very likely is same, appear to fluctuate greatly.

Reporter: Why can you appear such circumstance?

Wei Kejia: Appear the main reason of this kind of state: It is nurturance of milk cow raise rising ceaselessly originally. Average price will be countrywide corn May 1550 yuan / ton, than last year the corresponding period grew 15.7% ; Lucerne hay price is 1140 yuan on average / ton, than last year the corresponding period grew 20% above. In addition, artificial, water and electricity, transport costs and financial cost also rise ceaselessly.

The 2 prices that are raw material grandma are maintained a few years all the time in 1.7, 2 yuan / kilogram between, did not get in time adjustment.

3 it is lack of market of raw material grandma is superintended effectively, existence set limit to receives the grandma, demand a low price that approach level, default the phenomenon such as grandma endowment.
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