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Harm to the child Expanded Food
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Harm to the child's Expanded Food AQSIQ has released the results of the second batch of product quality checks, 22 kinds of puffed food sampling failure, puffed food because of artificial colors, add a sweet element in excess, lead, aluminum and other reasons residues exceeding the hardest hit as the products in question . According to the Fourth Military Medical University, Department of Yang Ruihua director of nutrition, children's excessive consumption of puffed food, can cause growth retardation, osteomalacia psychosis, or even damage children's nervous system, on the development of children's physical health is seriously affected. So, puffed food which contain harmful substances? And how about children's risks? Residual aluminum can cause growth retardation Not the human body needs trace elements of aluminum, but aluminum in foods containing more than a certain standard will cause harm to humans. Yang Ruihua director of presentations, daily food sources of aluminum element, part of the leavening agent from the class of food additives (such as alum and sodium bicarbonate), some packing material inside from the dissolution, and in some foods there is also alum will produce aluminum. Experts point out that the human body after ingestion of aluminum can be only 10% -15% excreted in the body, most of the accumulation in the body, with a variety of proteins, enzymes and important component of the human body combination of a variety of biochemical reactions in vivo, long-term intake of the main brain damage, severe dementia may occur, especially for children with weak body resistance greater impact, could lead to stunting of children, bone softening of psychosis, and intelligence will also be some impact on. Easy to damage the nervous system of lead accumulation Which is in the process of food through the metal pipes, metal pipes which usually lead and tin alloy, at high temperatures, these lead easily gasification, gasification will lead contamination of these puffed food. Yang Ruihua director said, lead is a multi-affinity toxins, accumulate in the human body is difficult to discharge, major damage to the nervous system, hematopoietic system, blood vessels and digestive system. The puffed food consumers mostly children, who for the capacity of lead hazards only half the adult dose, or even less. In addition, the harm caused by lead more obvious, the main manifestation is the behavior of some of the nervous system, for example, low concentration, poor memory, hyperactivity, temper and so love, or respiratory infection, anorexia, anemia, vomiting and other symptoms. Reduce the intestinal absorption capacity of saccharin sodium Yang Ruihua Director introduced, commonly known as saccharin sodium saccharin, to a chemical compound of sweeteners, food additives, rather than food, in addition to causing a sweet taste sensation on the outside, the human body without any nutritional value. Conversely, when more saccharin consumption, it will affect children's normal secretion of digestive enzymes and reduce the absorption capacity of the small intestine, so that loss of appetite. Such as the regular consumption of excessive amounts of goods with sodium saccharin, also the liver and nervous system of children harm. Therefore, the United States and other developed countries, the law, the use of saccharin in food, you must indicate on the label "may be harmful to health" related alerts. Intellectual development of artificial colors The child's favorite snack food, but now a lot of snacks are a lot of artificial ingredients added artificial colors, these colors will cause harm to children, affecting healthy development of children. Because children are in the growth and development of the body organ is relatively weak, nervous system development is not sound, sensitive to the chemical substance, requires a lot of high quality protein and lipids and other nutrients added, but the expanded synthetic food colors, and can not be provide these nutrients. In contrast, synthetic pigment itself or its metabolites have a certain toxicity, if prolonged consumption of foods containing synthetic pigment will affect impulse conduction in the nervous system, brain and appears to stimulate restlessness, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, behaving aggressively and so on. In addition, children of liver detoxification function, renal excretory function is not perfect, food pigment, it will consume a lot of toxic substances in the body, interfere with the normal metabolism of the body, resulting in diarrhea, abdominal pain, malnutrition, and skin rash, urticaria, asthma and other allergies disease.
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