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Banquet of one farmhouse bean curd year income close ten million
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Be located in out-of-the-way and a mountainous area Beijing to delay the Jing Zhuang that celebrate a county to press down willow channel village, 22 days greeted the 300 thousandth visitor this year. Predict whole village folk-custom travel income is close to ten million this year yuan, average every folk-custom travels door welcome about 4500 people.

Willow channel village is an old poor village formerly, 1100 much people basically rely on whole village cultivate land makes a living, do not have income source. On October 1, 2003, the warm handiwork with the ancestral preexistence of 14 villagers rate such as Li Shie is provided - - wear on brazier on iron bowl circle, wear on iron bowl circle on earthenware pot, bean curd, noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch, Chinese cabbage, bacon is put again in earthenware pot, rolled out " banquet of brazier boiler, bean curd " , stepped the first pace that folk-custom travel recieves.

Come 3 many years, "Banquet of brazier boiler, bean curd " ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, on the base that preserves traditional white bean curd, rolled out the bean curd of black soya bean of the gram bean curd that has dispel fire Qing Dynasty to heat up a function and filling kidney strong put oneself in another's position, and scamper bean curd, frozen bean curd, tie-in a form of usury in the old society, dummy, trichromatic the staple food of farmhouse of ten kinds of characteristic such as nest of nest of residue from bean after making soya-bean milk, formed bean curd fresh and tender, bacon not the banquet of local characteristic folk-custom with tunnel of juice of be bored with, soup, grumous taste. 2005, willow channel village is decided to be folk-custom travel village by Beijing.

Favour becomes willow channel village the Zhang Xinchao of doctor of ministry of Beijing hospital emergency call of the 300 thousandth tourist, already drove 5 times to have peasant family to willow channel village together with the friend early or late this year " bean curd banquet " . He says: "Although here distance the city zone is further, itself also resource of travel of it doesn't matter, but farmhouse meal has distinguishing feature very much, your person 100 eat not tire of. Your person 100 eat not tire of..

Wang Shuanglin of secretary of Party branch of village of the channel that occupy willow introduces, current, complete villager common is recieved door already went to 67 by 14 original development, welcomed visitor of China and foreign countries in all 550 thousand person-time, outside dividing Beijing and circumjacent area tourist, still have the tourist that comes from more than 10 countries such as the United States, Japan, Korea, folk-custom travel gross earnings amounts to 16.4 million yuan. Only this year " 51 " during, folk-custom door Yan Home Song Ying welcomes a visitor 2000 much people, income 40 thousand multivariate.

Nowadays, willow channel village year more than 100 thousand yuan folk-custom recieves income door had exceeded 20, among them " bibcock " recieve year of income of Home Yan Gehua to exceed 400 thousand yuan. Hu Suping says female worker of primary come off sentry duty with all sorts of feelings: "Do folk-custom to welcome the job one year, support to go up to work 10 years in the factory so. Now, seek a fixed job to me namely, I also am not changed. I also am not changed..
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