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Lacteal industry big province saves a road by force to have many to lacteal indu
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Not long ago, celebrate in the Nei Monggol Autonomous Region during holding water 60 years, played the dazzling trump card that breeds this piece of economy expands line of business, put forward to make the target of center of world milk industry, what do this give the Heilongjiang that saves greatly with the course of study that be breast to bring enlightenment?

Go up century since 90 time, a new force suddenly rises of brand of industry of Inner Mongolia milk, "Yi Li " , " Meng Niu " wait for the brand that comes from llano, enter eagerly sway domestic and international market, become a piece of Zhang Liang of Inner Mongolia beautiful " calling card " .

With the Heilongjiang that saves greatly for lacteal industry, also achieve gave oneself famous brand, "Be over amount to hill " , " Long Dan " wait for milkings enterprise journey north and south, open up vast market space.

However, we still need to face a fact, that is: Current, every drink the Chinese two cups of milk, one cup comes from Inner Mongolia. 2006, output of Inner Mongolia milk achieves eight million eight hundred and four thousand five hundred tons, occupy countrywide first place, production value amounts to many yuan 400. Industry of Inner Mongolia milkings makes Chinese breast trade the leading sheep of be worthy of.

Before long, be in enterprise of bibcock of our country milkings in the first phalanx, I save the travel before the bibcock enterprise of bibcock enterprise and Inner Mongolia compares a shoulder. Do not know when, difference is pulled gradually big, after I save bibcock enterprise seating arrangement, move. To expanding the Heilongjiang milk line of business that expand, it is an intense shock undoubtedly. His Shan Zhishi, can attack jade. Industry of Inner Mongolia milk holds his head high all the way Gao Ge, what can Heilongjiang milk industry breed to Inner Mongolia course of study learns to nod?

A large number of heroes of lacteal estate market chases the deer-fight for the throne seize first machine person get the better of

The flavour of milkings market smoke of gunpowder all the time very thick. The box installing a grandma that people lays aside from the village of oneself and stair mouth and everywhere in the leaflet sending a grandma that paste distributes, discover not hard, dairy produce market of China is lying an important transition period: Dairy produce is daily consumable from the nutrient tonic change in the past, consumer also expand into of the old, little, disease from in the past, young special group is all consumer; The market is expanding from the city outskirts of a city reachs its village.

Province division is considered appoint Hu Xiang Han says researcher of research center of development of government of committee member, province, all these results from through reforming and opening, national economy grows quickly, chinese national condition produced major change, urban and rural develop as a whole entered new historical period, the pace that industrialized, town changes is accelerated quickly, people's standard of living rises significantly, the demand that suckles to fleshy egg also subsequently when the river rises the boat goes up too. Especially the improvement of farmer living conditions, make milkings market increased more consumptive herds. Now, our country is annual average per capita consumes 18.4 kilograms of grandmas and milk products, big in city year average per capita consumes 36~47 kilogram, approach developed country level. The confidence of milkings business development market is fuller.
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