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S*ST drunkard borrows east wind to dissolve channel predicament
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Company and accuse just sign agreement to develop sale channel, net of predicting next year not under 30 million

"Agency amount only many 50, the sale was in first half of the year 2006 of 500 thousand above have 21 only. " this is the channel dilemma that S*ST drunkard faces at present. To back a company, the wine of sugar industry of two partner China of company of the emperor in new boss kind group and imperial power group (Hong Kong) signed with S*ST drunkard respectively a few days ago " management support agreement " and " strategic cooperation agreement " , the key gives a company support in sale respect.

From 2007 later, s*ST drunkard product is divided outside be being sold through the channel such as original agency, brand collaboration agency, still sell the food that uses Chinese candy wine network and new development be not accused by spirits of sugar of agency of pilot of Chinese sugar spirits, China a share market and convenience inn, duty-free inn of imperial power group undertake selling. Predict 2008, these channel will become the main sale channel of company product.

S*ST drunkard puts forward, chinese sugar spirits has good market fame and pervade countrywide sale channel, can build a sale for the company network and enlarge a sale to provide support. Particular approach includes: Directly under sells network field, before in the company sale network is built and be being perfected, chinese sugar spirits will with best policy, the countrywide provision that already established through Chinese sugar spirits in product of company of the support before June 30, 2008 sells a network to undertake selling, cooperative term is not short at two years; In the sale network respect of share, chinese sugar spirits will make sure company product advanced on June 30, 2008 China hall bazaar and 7-11 advantage inn, cooperative term is not short at two years. Chinese sugar spirits the partner status him have the aid of makes the company is obtained in this terminal channel the condition is entered bestly in congener product.

Imperial power group shows the resource such as the duty-free inn that relies on its to spread all over a whole world company product, make the product enters international luxury retail channel, use the consequence that imperial power group is in area of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and client network, assistance drunkard liquor company is occupational the liquor market of this area assists drunkard liquor company to have overseas promotion, assist overseas to create sale orgnaization or agency; To the abroad orgnaization of drunkard liquor company, imperial power group provides free the support of the respect such as management and Training Within Industry.

Recombine through above and support measure, company of the emperor in large stockholder is affirmatory, the business gain that S*ST drunkard realized 2007 not under 8 million yuan, the net gain that realized 2008 not under 30 million yuan, the net gain that realized 2009 not under 50 million yuan. Be like 2007-2009 year the profit of wine of drunkard of either financial year afore-mentioned amount under acceptance, in emperor company will be termless the ground with cash complemental balance.
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