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Sale of predicting future of the fruit juice that collect a source will grow fou
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Juice of vegetables of Chinese large fruit produces business, China assembles limited company of group of source fruit juice presiding operation Guan Maotian grants Zhou Er to predict, the company is in prospective 3-5 the sale inside year will relatively growth is fourfold last year.

Mao Tianci holds in Shanghai " the road appears peak of 2007 China century to meet " on satisfy the need expresses fully, plan of the fruit juice that collect a source increases sale from 2 billion yuan of RMBs last year 10 billion, plan to keep wool interest rate in 30%-35% .

Mao Tianci expresses, "Our target is grow with the double speed at the market. " he still points out, want to achieve this goal, besides market itself grow, collect a source to must receive more market share from inside competitor hand, concentrate growth at high-end product.

Chinese juice market rises every year with the speed of 10% , main competitor still includes health master to control the company such as a <0322> , unified <1216> and Coke Cola. The fruit juice that collect a source has market of Chinese pure fruit juice the portion of 40% , france is amounted to can hold company the share of 22.2% .

He is mentioned, the dominant position that assembles a source to go up in market share at present basically is centered at the Yangtse River with north, in Beijing field have rate can achieve 60%-70% , but in south and city of the eastpart part have rate under this level, collect a source to will be in exert oneself was mixed in Hua Na 2008 Hua Dong's dilate. Mao Tianci expresses to collect a source to will continue dedicated the production at 100% pure fruit juice and pulp fruit juice, and the key that fruit juice beverage is not company development.

He expresses, the company appeared on the market to provide enough fund to collect a source, the company is capable to spread out to be bought, but have not discover likely target at present.

The fruit juice that collect a source will be issued publicly first in Hong Kong Feburary (IPO)4 100 million share, financing forehead is 307.7 million dollar.

Zhou Erzao of the fruit juice that collect a source dish receive 10.16 HK dollar of newspaper, go up 0.2% .

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