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Chongqing: Price of more relaxed bee turns over apiculture two times
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Revolution of a technology, make traditional Chinese honey value by every kilograms 20 arrive to 30 yuan of rocket 80 reach 100 yuan. Yesterday, kuang Bangyu of director of institute of apiculture of academy of sciences of pasturage of vice-president of Chinese apiculture society, city alleges: Technology of form a complete set of honey of first this assumes exit former zoology already was in Fosan of gold of Na Chuan area to consider to succeed, the exit competition ability of Chinese honey will promote greatly.

Xia Gequan of large family of plain area apiculture is the first of this technology person that be benefited south. Since July, kuang Bangyu guides 3 researcher to defend golden Fosan, regard an experiment as base its apiary. In last few days, the honey price that Xia Gequan yields is come every kilograms by drive up 100 yuan, still by scare buying one sky.

Kuang Bangyu tells a reporter, below traditional apiculture mode, the bee lays eggs already on skin of a piece of mew produce honey again, extract honey machine must be used to undertake man minute leaves for many times when collecting honey, condense in the vacuum below the environment of 60 ℃ again, not only destroyed nutrient part, still contain relatively high-moisture. New technology is used lay eggs the way that runs with partition yield honey, honey of mew of zoology of whole Zhang Yuan is taken out to be able to be exported when collecting honey. "The meeting when honey is being collected previously brings about hive to die, avoided this one loss completely now, still reduced the labor intensity of bee farming. " Kuang Bangyu says.

Kuang Bangyu introduces, the competition ability that traditional technique issues yielding honey to go up in the international market is very low: Of every tons of honey on the international market all valence is 2000 dollars, chinese honey price is 800 dollars left and right sides only, argentine honey price is as high as 3000 dollars. In the meantime, technology of tradition breed aquatics uses epidemic disease of bee of antibiotic prevention and cure in great quantities, bring about product remain to exceed bid. And the prescription that technology of new form a complete set uses Chinese herbal medicine of 20 much flavour to make up at the same time replaces antibiotic, from go up at all the harmful material in shunning bee product, in the world the price will achieve left and right sides of every tons of 4500 dollars.

Kuang Bangyu tells a reporter, its part experiment is tasted already sent condition of Chongqing city discrepancy to examine detect center, detect make clear accord with international market standard completely, the institute will popularize this technology in countrywide large area.

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