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New hope: Outstanding achievement growth depends on yield
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Outstanding achievement signs up for in super- expect growth, more comes from the yield of banks of pair of the people's livelihood. The business income that indication company signs up for in grows 21.93 % compared to the same period, net profit grows 41.16 % , realize every profit 0.26 yuan, every management cash is flowed into completely it is 0.17 yuan. Of net profit super- go up, basically reach the benefit earnings from security market as a result of the yield of bank of share the people's livelihood; Contrary, business of the feed that occupies core position, carnivorous, milkings is integrated gross profit hasten drops, still be in brim of profit and loss. The gain of feed business is exceeded by the concussion influence of the raw material cost such as corn anticipate, makings second half of the year should be affected abate.

The new hope of business diversity, outspread walking is heavy, carnivorous processes trade or nod into only Xin Liang. Countrywide pork market is supplied for a time first half of the year be critical, also bring opportunity for big company. Company this period new the trend since predicting second half of the year decreases the business of 1000 Xi Hezhi carnivorous that bring into deficient, its depend on advantage of favourable geographical position and brand advantage again, should become today bright two years of new point of growths. As to chemical industry kind of asset come off form income decrease, can reach the fill of place of put into production of new feed project by business of carnivorous, milkings. But the feed business that facing intense competition grows at restoring a gender this year afterwards, bright the year after next fears growing substantially hard.

Advocate industry profit ability is changed infirmly, indebted rate takes asset tall. The integrated wool interest rate first half of the year is the company 10.08 % , respectively relatively go up year of the corresponding period and annual level are low 4.3 percent and 3.74 percent; And the 120 % above that yield takes business profit unexpectedly, company outstanding achievement basically relies on bank of the people's livelihood to prop up, show its resource configuration still is in unbalance condition. The feature of another financial standing first half of the year is indebted rate is elevatory the fall with asset fluidity, concerned rate is in adverse level, short-term raising debt is the main reason that creates afore-mentioned situations, also because of such, company pressing expect " directional add hair " obtain as soon as possible batch carry out.

The tall growing sex of stock market of benefit from benefit from and travel of the people's livelihood, today next year outstanding achievement still can go up greatly. Predict 2007, company battalion closed 2008 but ordinal growth 29.12 % , 18.52 % ; But net profit grows 50.59 % , 59.12 % , every accrual mixes 0.8 yuan for 0.5 yuan. The central line foreground of the company can be valued carefully, the carnivorous business of next year but make up the deficits and get surpluses, interest rate of wool of business of feed, milkings also will pick up in the round. Already was not in view of company share price underestimate, consider growing sex of future again, maintain constrainedly here " run win big city " grade. Future inside 6 months, target price is 25.5 yuan / .
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