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Sunshine of Guangdong medicines and chemical reagents purchases material benefit
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Since this year April, guangdong saves all medical establishment to be purchased in succession " sunshine is purchased " be seleted medicines and chemical reagents, up to on July 31, purchase total amount of medicines and chemical reagents many yuan 70, patient yielding benefit 1.2 billion multivariate. Guangdong saves wholesome hall hall to grow Yao Zhibin to say, reform can solve the problem in advancement of career of our country medical treatment. But reform of medical treatment system is very complex, must reform scientificly, reform of deal with concrete matters relating to work.

Green passageway is cheap old drug gives all corners of the country again

Last year, old drug of clinical emergency treatment " fluid of bicarbonate natrium inject " in Guangzhou be in short supply, cause wide attention; Money of two 3 wool outpatient service is commonly used needle of urine of medical benefit Ba Weilin also disappeared from inside hospital catalog, the acting powdery injection with 78 yuan... in the past, guangdong medicines and chemical reagents is purchased adopt unified invite public bidding, because set lowest price limit, cause a few cheap because good medicine has low " malign competition " suspicion a bureau; Although be seleted constrainedly, manufacturer also because profit is too little, after winning the bid, do not produce, do not offer money, what be in an unfavorable situation finally still is a patient.

Began in October 2006, guangdong is started " save sunshine of price of contest of price of upper limit of net of medical establishment medicines and chemical reagents to purchase the job completely " , after the organization signs up, taste to the 40 thousand many medicines and chemical reagents that sign up compasses undertook scientific fractionize, constituent expert sieve singles out old drug of cheap of price of 5395 qualitative actor, include " not price fixing not contest price list " , should not exceed a country only the 85 % of top retail price all can be seleted to be purchased for the hospital directly.

Nowadays, "Green passageway " make cheap old drug gives all corners of the country again. "Fluid of bicarbonate natrium inject " not be in short supply, cheap fight cancerous old drug " amine of annulus phosphor acyl " , " Ling of armour ammonia Die " also came into stock. Li Chu source introduces vise general manager of wide drug group, their company before because the price is too low and of stop production 30 a variety of cheap medicine, restored to produce again this year.

Expert Jew utmost squeezes moisture

"Our officinal special stick piece, technical content is very high. Advertisement is very much also. Advertisement is very much also..

"Technical content is again high, in the final analysis also is medicine of a kind of common and acetanilide diminish inflammation. This is not the argument that supports medical price! This is not the argument that supports medical price!!

"Be willing to fall 5% . "Be willing to fall 5% ..
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