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"Pachyrhizus lane " the sweet potato that bake leaves to enter even locksmith mo
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The white-collar stresses put oneself in another's position of healthy, fine, the sweet potato that bake becomes favorite food

The metal pail sweet potato that bake is in wintry day street is not rarely seen, but do business of the sweet potato that bake to also leave went out to interlink inn, pack a box to still can regard as gift. Every months of income can amount to such small shop 70 thousand yuan.

Client: Need to wait one hour, still somebody queues up

Last noon, miss Wang that in financial market some bank goes to work booked 5 sweet potato that bake to serve as the lunch of she and colleague, "Not only can reduce weight, the most important is clean. " more person is to developing fragrance to search come over. This cries " pachyrhizus lane " small shop had 5 oven, an oven can bake 229 jins, but two bake hours. Although await time may need one hour, midday when the doorway still discharged nearly 10 people. "Technology and concept learn to come from Taiwan. " He Wenfeng of general manager of limited company of management of pachyrhizus lane meal says, he from last year the bottom begins to sell the sweet potato that bake in Beijing.

The price: Careful treatment, more expensive than roadside two 3 times

The price with this current inn is every jin 4.8 yuan. And the sweet potato of street edge metal pail that bake wants only 1.5 reach 2 yuan a jin, the price of small shop became expensive two 3 times. But many people feel content is worth somewhat. "We unite replenish onr's stock to clean, oven makes raw material with charcoal. " He Wenfeng expresses, "The bucket that someone says to street edge bakes sweet potato previously is benzine bucket, eat so that not be at ease; and the action that many people think sweet potato has fine system again. " He Wenfeng seized among them business chance.

Foreground: Join in, taste newly, one not little also

He Wenfeng calculated brushstroke Zhang to the reporter, can sell everyday give 779 jins of sweet potato that bake, turnover is controlled in 2500 yuan, the turnover of a month has 75 thousand yuan probably. Purify chummage 10 thousand yuan, artificial charge 9000 yuan, again the charge such as purify raw material, guard estimation, net profit embellish can be achieved 15% to 20% . Current, pachyrhizus lane has had 3 chain store, predict to want 8 this year, open at the same time join in business. "Light does the sweet potato that bake to be no good for certain, we plan new product of research and development, for example honey of pachyrhizus doing, pachyrhizus. " He Wenfeng expresses.

■ predict total investment: 100 thousand yuan

■ predicting investment return rate: 15% the left and right sides

■ storefront the position: Office building periphery, business is flourishing a sector of an area

■ storefront size: 20 to 30 square metre

■ proposal: The sweet potato that bake is seasonal strong, the proposal will manage drink to September in May.
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