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Bean curd of a 7 colour is spread with respect to golden light highway
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A bean curd is spread golden light highway
Bean curd, it is traditional cate of the Chinese. Of all ages, mention do bean curd, people always can think of that is one cannot become macroclimate, it is the profession of small business butcher only. And the Peng Honggen of successive father line of business, bold however innovation, initiated the beginning of 7 colour bean curd of Chinese. The bean curd with drab white by him " wear " go up to admire colourfully after taking, not only let a person hang down delay be about to drip, appetite is big, and the elephant is faced one honour artwork, always think attentive consider, play, hate to part with an abdomen of its get down. Go initiate beautiful nutrition, of green environmental protection today, 7 colour bean curd of Peng Honggen not only if a tornado is rapid and occupational domestic and international market, lift upsurge of Home Peng bean curd, round still by tens of thousands poineering dream of the person.
See Peng Honggen, reporter the first impression is this person simple and honest, honest, amiable, wearing a pair of myopic looking glass, elephantine scholar. Say the scholar also has not been been. Today's Peng Honggen, not only have institute of Home Peng bean curd, nanjing friend beautiful of vocational training school " Peng Jiadou corrupt " , still developed domestic and international store of nearly 700 chain. Home Peng bean curd becomes Nanjing city " 1118 " the heat that first issuance does poineering work project and Nanjing city federation of trade unions " do poineering work 2 times base " .
Mention do poineering work, the Peng Honggen that has gone through poineering hardships tells a reporter: 78 years ago, rack one's brains, do poineering work he what do not have the door is helpless and successive father line of business, rely on to sell bean curd to raise the home to paper a mouth. He of unwilling failure is mixed with laborious both hands quick mind, rely on father " pass " the small holystone that gives him, grind gave a beans to spend a meal, soup of muddy bean curd, evaporate jellied bean curd, bean curd of cold and dressed with sause does a series of bean products.
Grind ah grind, turn ah turn, peng Honggen brains grinds circuit circle to saunter as Xiaoshi, eventually one day, the bean curd that manages him " turn " give a new reason.
Peng Honggen celery, chili, the vegetable such as carrot passes scientific treatment, its in the soya-bean milk before juice infuse is caky, make give a bean curd of a multicoloured to come. Chromatic bean curd not only the exterior is beautiful, and use rising is flavour more delicious. Peng Honggen to make his 7 colour bean curd provides nourishment more, sanitarian value, he research of with great concentration, sesame seed, red jujube, the material such as medlar " embedded " in bean curd, not only make bean curd becomes a kind of cate, and it is a kind of health care is tasted.
7 colour bean curd of Peng Honggen is goluptious cate health care not only article, still became the gift of make a present of of people courtesy demands reciprocity. 2002, one goes to the Nanjing that Australia studies abroad the girl is taken abroad, undesigned, an enterprise discovered Australia however of Chinese bean products " the New World-the Americas " , go up through net of Home Peng bean curd instantly send a card to ask cooperate. On section of bean curd of the China austral the Huaihe River, delegate of limited company of food of American article family name sees 7 colour bean curd, very amazed, make surprise repeatedly. Pass with Peng Honggen a close communication, before long, two pull a hand to become friendly associate. Course of study of beans of Taiwan the people's livelihood, switzerland, norwegian, france, wait to a lot of countries send a person to come in succession or send correspondence, the requirement cooperates.
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