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Small " food is connected " , bring " great success "
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Interview an object: Door of Qingdao sea another name for Taishan Mountain makes wine gentleman of jade of king of limited company executive trustee

Company general situation: Door of Qingdao sea another name for Taishan Mountain makes wine limited company is a professional wine kind current business, with " inheritance civilization, bring up value " to manage a concept. Since the company holds water, cost a large number of capital to buy Hademen in succession (register name: 1269588) , Lu Hua (register name: 750723) wait for 33 kinds of wine kind brand, obtain brand accredit to use royal alcoholic drink to (register name: 3718398) , Hade's general (register name: 4037471) , built perfect brand application and protective system around culture of haing heart door thereby. Breath out heart door brand at present (register name: 1269588) already was judged to be Chinese well-known trademark, what because of its deep culture insides information and can develop value to had obtained expert of domestic numerous property right continuously is affirmative. Hademen only then build at the Christian era 1267, shi Chenwen bright door, Chong Wen door, door of sea another name for Taishan Mountain, qing Sanchao of all previous Jing Yuanming 740 years of histories, in those days, breath out lane of the many wine outside heart door, associate with all the way wine waves sweet, the beautiful wine that comes from each district is entered via breathing out heart door to carry inside city, because be the special passageway to wine of the carry inside emperor city, with " wine door " , " wine " famed at the world. "Wine " it is Chinese wine culture in culminating become greatly, brand culture is outspread value is great. At present development of limited company of accredit Yantai Zhang Fu brew gives the company series of door of many Ha De total distribute of whole nation of independence of product of wine of 3 whip health care, advantage brand resource acquired the attention of the personage inside numerous course of study and investment.

Interview memoir: When the author calls Wang Yujun general manager, wang Zongzheng is away on official business outerly. But speak of at present when the circumstance enrolling business of the product, wang Zong is behaved very excitedly, thanks again and again. This kind of attitude of Wang Zong has source. Because hold the position of Qingdao gold to with a ha manage advisory firm to carry out him of trustee to know the value that popularizes a brand through the network too at the same time,this is. Before becoming food to tell a client, information of brand of haing heart door has popularized website of on 1000 commerce through commercial software, the network product such as real name of current network address, network, Alibaba is main neat, when also paying close attention to website of sugar spirits dispatch more than 5 years. The portal website that he tells net of sugar spirits dispatch to regard sugar spirits as the industry provided substantial first-hand trade information for years, also acquired wine kind the more operation skill of the industry. "The selling manager of the website a few years ago was contacted with me, because do not have a product to appear on the market at that time, connect without applied food all the time so, but after this with revive the manager maintained long-term connection, till door of near future Ha De 3 whip wine appears on the market formally, I resolutely the decision purchases this service, announcement revive the money is made after the manager, become food smoothly to tell a member, the commissioner that the website also cooperated to offer in every possible way serves, true reach the designated position " . So the effect how? The author examines minutely. He has deep feeling quite say, the network promotion previously can let a client see me, applied food is connected now can let me see a client, this is distinction. Food connected a service to offer many high grade client detailed data, make we are obtained build with the client man-to-man communication opportunity, agency can understand Hademen well of 3 whip wine pack and characteristic, really when the province, save labour, be economical. Besides, sugar spirits dispatch serves as wine kind the system of strict examine and verify that portal website and food tell pair of clients is equivalent to be with website name sincere letter did the client to endorse, natural agency is willing to negotiate communicate. At present time of a few months, we had been received be close to phone of 200 many ask, the potential client of more than 10 provinces. The act of product place goods on trial sale that we establish, attracted many dealer, send a few sample smoothly also at present, also ask through the network to Japanese client very we product of 3 whip wine sends a Hademen Shanghai have a change of luck, and in advance paid, be very glad really. Strong wine makes before the client of a Zhejiang that we clinch a deal smoothly a few days ago, feel profit margin is a bit low, want to search replace a product, see website of sugar spirits dispatch our information that enrol business, contacted immediately, ran to Qingdao to order 10 box wine to go back place goods on trial sale, a few days ago in spirits region is worn the payment for goods of 300 box comes replenish onr's stock, go back late come the short message thanks us, make known his position to want good market. Actually more should benedictory is sugar spirits dispatch and food tell a service, the form of a Chinese character that gives us the firm removed the bridge of lot.
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