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Do 3000 yuan change 2 million yuan? Food is connected can accomplish!
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Interview an object: Wine of class of Wuhan city a person of extraordinary powers kind Liu Guigong of general manager of drink limited company

Company general situation: Wine of class of Wuhan city a person of extraordinary powers kind drink limited company held water 1997, existing network many 100, it is the company that the first major of Wuhan city makes ceremony case, the leading sheep of industry of box of ceremony of liquor of city of the Wuhan that be called. Company and Maotai group joint development " everyone is happy " series wine, form of this product bottle already won national patent, and by this company sole agent.

Interview memoir:

As net of sugar spirits dispatch " food is connected " member, company of class of a person of extraordinary powers sent the acknowledgment letter that the one intendment that seal affection cuts recently. When the author calls Liu Guigong of company general manager, open-eyed ground is informed, this letter is Liu Zong actually personally write!

Refer " food is connected " , the Liu Zong that is away on official business in Shenzhen appears a little excited.

Liu Zong is only at first from Xi'an piece division manager department is informed " food is connected " , holding tried state of mind in the arms, joined at this summer " food is connected " , from now on with " food is connected " the staff member of member service ministry had close society. The class of a person of extraordinary powers at that time has owned relatively complete sale network, but development fares badly, order does not calculate much. After service personnel is informed this circumstance through communicating with Liu Zong, the place of urgent client is urgent, try every means introduces dealer to her. Final, an agency of Liu Zong and Nanjing negotiates very successful. This agency already issued 2 million yuan order with autograph of class of a person of extraordinary powers, 300 thousand yuan of subscription already were handed in, by December before 2 million yuan will arrive entirely Zhang. Since this paragraph of time, the business of class of a person of extraordinary powers is begun swift and violently all the more. That agency of Nanjing still introduced a lot of large division managers to her, interface is wide, each other understanding was deepened, also had more cooperative intention, everybody returns her offer a idea, raise a proposal.

The company became good, your Liu Zong most of recall with emotion, be " food is connected " the attitude of attending to guests that serves personnel, "Girls regard each our thing as oneself issue will treat, give an idea, think way. Whats can say with service personnel, make a telephone call in the evening sometimes, same also enthusiasm is solved. We also had cooperated with the person previously, but money is handed in without giving thought to, do not talk to go up what serves, and " food is connected " just just contact, I already very satisfactory. After, we can be strengthened with " food is connected " collaboration, the connection that lets each other is more close. The connection that lets each other is more close..
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