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Series program: Oasis of confirm · desert piece: Associate removes of natrium
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Reporter: Alas, arrived eventually, very tired, too not easy, audience friend, you look is world-famous grape channel between this two hill, I went to China's most burning hot place to spit now rash time, the fellow-townsman that listens to this says, highest air temperature can achieve many degrees 50 here, I am very lucky today nevertheless, just 39 degrees, as a result of here distinctive climate, the grape here just follows honey same sweet.
Say to spit rash time it is grapy kingdom, a bit has not been been, not only endless grapery is in cropland, after the house before connecting a house, channel bypass edge is grown everywhere full grape.
Leader: We are spat rash time grape gross area is 240 thousand mus, basically achieve of 90% is forest the net is changed, every mus of average per unit area yield achieves 2700 kilograms.
Spit rash time grape besides crop tall, grapy breed also is very much, had achieved at present 300 a variety of, milk having a horse, rose is sweet, red grape, black grape is waited a moment, the famousest of course still must be a skin thin, flesh is thick, without seed " without the nucleus white " , its quantity that contain sugar is as high as 25% , market is valued all the time.
Operator: Market every kilograms 3.5 yuan, 51 box can sell more than 2000 fund.
Operator: Of Henan Luo river is not to be in place to buy send the market that go much also
Operator: Immediately 2008, should go to Beijing Shanghai these big cities deliver goods.
Spit rash time cultivate a grape to had had 2000 old histories, the grape produces per year a quantity to amount to many tons 50, so much grape, besides feed as delicacy partially sell past other place, more returning is treatment currant. The girl of this dimension a group of things with common features, the raisin that gives us the oneself since the introduction comes, that can be clear and logical.
Reporter: Is this equestrian milk?
Operator: Namely, also be currant calls sacsaoul the grape.
A lot of people will spit rash time, this currant can be taken then.
Operator: Come from Urumqi, but quality and breed are done not have here good, here is more authentic, produce grapy place.
Hey, the folkway here is true I am pretty good, bought currant to return jump Duan Wu, your look, our reporter rain is thick also cannot help pop-up a few. Actually this is to spit rash time activity of peculiar a visit to the parents or schoolchildren or young workers of a kind of nation, you look here, more lively, nonlocal guest comes to such farmhouse courtyard, can buy high grade currant already, still can experience ethical amorous feelings, a kind of means that also is currant of local sales promotion.
Operator: The tourist bought 8 kilograms in all very delicious.
Tourist: I bought 150 fund.
Tourist: We are in Guiyang, this is country of origin we see soon in person, he also introduced, sold so believe them.
Said a long time, this currant is how machine, you see the adobe room that these visit appearance is a bit peculiar far, it is the air house that local air controls currant, walk into look in metope all around still bestrewed ventilated the Xiaofang aperture that breathe freely, after fresh grape is picked, here air comes many days 20, become currant, general 5 kilograms of bright grapes can air makes 1 kilogram currant. Pass the raisin that the methodological air of this kind of natural airing vents, color submits olive translucent form, raw ingredient of grapy former juice also can very good reservation.
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