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A mu of grape sells 20 thousand yuan
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Reporter: Now new issue can be not little really on this network, I a moment ago saw so an information, say Shanghai has plant over there a grapery grape a mu of ground is OK income 20 thousand money, everybody knows usually, kind the grape of a mu of ground namely income thousands of money, why can this grapery of Shanghai have so high income, hey, do you say this information is reliable, we goes to otherwise investigation investigation.
Reporter: Master, I buy a grape.
Worker: Buy a grape, buy a grape I give you a scissors, a small basket, yourself is collected in the ground go.
Reporter: This is not to have off-the-peg, you sold us to be over directly.
Worker: This we had been booked.
Reporter: Book so.
Reporter: This within so much, come to a string first, this string is pretty good, what you see this grow is much more orderly, get foretaste to taste, do not know not to eat delicious, acerbity, not ripe, look into within.
Reporter: You can not think I am bilked in this, I tell you, I this can not be to bilk, the grape that always plucks in the garden, should be in this breed increases 2 fund more again on original price basis, you say why to increase 2 fund more, resemble me such, come here those who eat is more than what pick, such going down didn't the family sustain losses in business, nevertheless this money is handed in, we also am to eat feel at ease and justified.
Reporter: Master, do you tell me us how to many variety the grape in this garden has after all?
Technician: Have 80 many breed.
Reporter: 80 many.
Technician: Hum.
Reporter: , 80 many breed, I a moment ago reckoning in every item also was tasted probably more than 20 kinds, dazzling this now, do not know to should be picked which good. Then you tell me, at ordinary times the grape that everybody likes what to assortment pick?
Technician: General is jade of white heart-shaped, Beijing, Ju Feng, cane harvests, beauty points to.
Reporter: Everybody loves to eat these most.
Technician: Hum, love to eat most.
Reporter: Got, you see our common saying say, what grow below nose is the mouth, we a moment ago was tasted also tasted, this also asked, have a definite object in view, went, pick a grape to go!
The grape breed in this grapery is very much, have early variety, in ripe breed, late-mature breed, picked period general from will begin every year to will end November June. And, off-the-peg grape still does not sell, get oneself to pick, is it possible that they use this method namely, make a mu grape was earned cost-effective?
Reporter: The value that you know to this plucks how many money a jin?
Female: 18 yuan.
Reporter: Feel this price how? On one page 12 one page

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