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Thunder of thick Yao of reporter Xu Yu: Rich case amounts to a peak, we came, too beautiful, really this Xinjiang is too beautiful really.
Reporter Yao Lei: Set foot on this beautiful and magical land, by its deep attraction,
Reporter Xu Yu is thick: You see here have prairie, snow mountain, desert, desert, each place landscape is the world pole comes. Reporter Yao Lei: Here still has ancient state of the Silk Road, building orchid, wear in inheritance historical civilization.
Reporter Xu Yu is thick: The scene here makes a person be intoxicated, the people enthusiasm here is hospitable, there is melon and fruit to wave more here sweet. Reporter Yao Lei: We this the travel of confirm Xinjiang is about to take you to sample the Lin Guo of here characteristic.
Treasure figure appears.
Reporter Yao Lei: Saw, we this task is on this piece of mysterious map.
Reporter Xu Yu is thick: We does the first station go?
Reporter Yao Lei: Go here, atushen, candy steamed stuffed bun? Pluvial you the task of this the first station gives you.
Reporter Xu Yu is thick: Candy steamed stuffed bun? What is candy steamed stuffed bun? All give me this difficult problem.
Saying obviously is to look for Lin Guo, how to come out again a candy steamed stuffed bun? Look this task still has bit of difficulty really, our reporter rain is thick nevertheless have idea oneself, after changing clothing of a the Uygur nationality, become immediately confidence is dye-in-the-wood. (this task ah with respect to easy to handle much)
Reporter Xu Yu is thick: This has packet of steamed stuffed bun, grandfather, is there candy steamed stuffed bun here?
Operator: Not be candy steamed stuffed bun, it is fleshy steamed stuffed bun.
Reporter Xu Yu is thick: Not ah do you know which have then?
Operator: This is face steamed stuffed bun, fleshy steamed stuffed bun is face steamed stuffed bun
Reporter Xu Yu is thick: So much crusty pancake, have candy steamed stuffed bun for certain, small Ba Lang hello, does your home have candy steamed stuffed bun?
Small proprietor: Without.
Reporter Xu Yu is thick: Do then you know those who sell to which have.
Small proprietor: There.
Hey, what is so much person doing here? Are these great weights what to what uses do? Is it possible that is candy steamed stuffed bun inside this?
Reporter Xu Yu is thick: Hello boy, the person there says to there is candy steamed stuffed bun here. Which ah? On one page 12 one page

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