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Small earthnut makes me firm earn million
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As a child I am not a person that brings a share, always love what to consider, think I am exceedingly complacent still now, the most complacent have two things:

The first is when 85 years I read junior high school, there is a year of popularity to wear military uniform of a suit dacron drill here, shuang Jun is worn to tick off on the foot, chairman Mao badge with sb on it is taken before the bosom, of the eyeful on the street green. Military uniform leather shoes is about the same, everybody mutual it doesn't matter can compare, begin compared with the badge with sb on it before the bosom, yours is out of print, my take luminous, the most expensive porcelain qualitative belt is luminous sold 200 yuan of fund unexpectedly, a what concept is that? My parents adds a month one case to just earn more than 100 yuan. I feel the opportunity came, used empyreal time in winter vacation, taking bodyguard (the male fellow student that hears my word only) went around the out-of-the-way village all round bright and beautiful city, as long as it is chairman badge with sb on it, no matter size, no matter material is qualitative, taste no matter, small 5 part, a big yuan I want completely, received 476 badge with sb on it (here I am honest, if I do not see value is not great, say money was not taken enough, I close these days 2000 more than also) , consumed my money given to children as a lunar New Year gift of ten years, but among them 27 porcelain pledge, 4 porcelain qualitative belt is luminous, can sell sell, remain, sold the butcher that pours badge with sb on it completely, I one fellow earned astronomical, 3647 yuan, my this all one's life cannot forget this figure, that is the income that I become pedagogic father and mother more than 3 years.

Another thing is me there was money in the hand, although expended a tremedous effort to just was not confiscated by old father, but tell me this fund is not active, let others know our home gave a mad girl that considers fund only, I do not want to leave their line of sight again forever. Do not have method such spent large half an year, graduation of my junior high school covers tightly quickly in the home went mad, scatter a lie to say classmate home, the random on the street Kuang like the fly that do not have a head is just like after going out, this one Kuang saw us bright and beautiful city later fire the market is selling Lin Xilu of more than 10 years stall, because be newly emerging things, many wait-and-see person is special, a person that two meters of stall of 6 just should hire 360 yuan two years is very few, I did not know which muscle to twist at that time, maintaining this is an opportunity, come home secretly the deposit book that took out me, but too recreant still, hired 3 stall only, be less than the half of the saving in the hand. And one in an instant with every half an year 120 yuan of relet went out. The person that hires my stall is not not to want to hire, just be afraid of word pawn, want to let me carry this risk, in case the market is no good they are little also loss a few, if they know they want to spend so big cost later, who also so won't stupid. Passed to be less than 3 months so, my parents knew, that time my leg all but by thunderbolt angry father gives dozen fold, not be they do not lack cash, it is however in their eye, this is not attend to one's proper works or duties, study the way that attending a college just is exclusive bring honour to one's ancestors only, they just can raise a head before the person. Do not have method, all add gives the person that hires my stall, the price of a stall is 1002, and I just know later, the market price at that time should be 1006 to 1008, I by black.
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