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The thing month that sells a few fund earns 50 thousand yuan!
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Massacre 樑 is a graduation before long undergraduate. But after he comes out to do poineering work, used two months only, throw early days 40 came to 10 thousand yuan earn come back. Do not be in inside time, took the market share of 70% .

It is to doing poineering work likewise, a lot of undergraduates go not smoothly, the success of massacre 樑 , what kind of enlightenment can you bring to us?

Want to find group of vegetable of benevolence flower of Sheng state city to earth up an institute, it is a laborious thing.

This institute annihilation is in a big common dweller building, want the word that goes, little not 7 abduct 8 abduct. Discover later, it is 4 buildings of massacre Home 樑 actually the house of that 120 much square metre.

But the place that is in this to have an eye none namely, however the person that enough lets numerous initial stage do poineering work is envied unceasingly -- now every month, it can let " n/COL the head of a family " gain 50 thousand yuan of profit, and best when, the achievement of two months is 40 come to 10 thousand yuan.

These, come from the mobile phone at an individuation to hang.

"Can say, at present the home market of 70% is me. " massacre 樑 says, but if someone cries him now " massacre boss " or " massacre always " , he feels special to twist, because after all him university graduates ability is full 3 years, "Really unaccustomed. "Really unaccustomed..

Do not know a son what doing

Old father still agrees to give cash investment by what

The group of benevolence flower vegetable of massacre 樑 earths up an institute to establish 2005 the beginning of the year.

In those days, he fastens horticultural major to graduate to still be less than half an year from engineering of plant of institute of project of Jin Huasheng content. This moment, his great majority classmate, chose the gardens designing institute with him major speak or sing alternately or unit of a few construction, the job very stable, income also does not calculate difference.

Without follow the general trend, choose however " work alone " , in fact, massacre 樑 has made such plan when the school.

The money that early days invests is old father investment completely, spent 350 thousand yuan in all.

Massacre home is not very rich, this money is right for them, not be decimal eye. What calls vegetable group to earth up, this does the parent that spin machinery maintains, do at all do not understand.

Money of that so big brushstroke, hand in just came out from the school, in the son hand that is without social experience again, is he at ease?

Massacre father says, the half an year after massacre 樑 graduates is in justice black a horticultural firm practices first, "What although I do not know he is specific,doing, but pretty like the model still providing a few people, I feel the son is capable to profiteer. I feel the son is capable to profiteer..
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