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12 years arrive from 1 yuan of 200 million achieve rich myth
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From the pocket remnant two 1 yuan of coin, to a year of gain 200 million yuan, need how long? The answer after earnestly practise what one advocates of Wang Shufu of president of Inc. of technology of breath of Long Xin of hill of Shenzhen city arteries and veins is: 12 years.

This is not an incredible story. Although he is fed now,have the flesh, piece have a car, brandish lever golf field, MBA learns in advanced institution of higher learning, but the joys and sorrows of life of associate with still clearly is in eye, he still is clear about each minutes of money that retains the flower in hard years, take each route that cross, each bank that encounter.

Domestic deficient is owed borrow classy be born to get graduation card hard fall south unwilling and embarrassed poor boy enter Shenzhen

1991 first half of the year, in computer of Hefei industry university and the last semester with professional information, wang Shufu fors reference definitely grind, because achievement is outstanding, everything appears hands-down. Return remnant from the exam when a month, the father illness that Wang Shufu is ill abed is aggravating, home Wang Shufu is in a country, brother is numerous, he feels responsibility is major, abandon taking an examination of then grind continue attend school, allocated 9 rivers institute of a war industry works.

The road of the life that Wang Shufu designs for oneself at first is very insipid, that marries namely, room of assemble money, cent queueing up. The first month 56 yuan salary, cannot answer the domestic difficult position of have too many problems to deal with at all, except aid financially the little brother that attending a college, the help when he returns otherwise is other family member, in addition, wang Shufu still is owing the school 1250 yuan loan, because this is done not have,take graduation testimony.

Wang Shufu still remembers the case when marrying at that time, borrowed 300 yuan of ability to get a marriage certificate, entertained guests to spend 6 yuan of money only, 4 yuan of money buy dish to be done oneself, 2 yuan of money buy wine, got together oneself important event so. After marrying, salary of husband and wife adds up just 180 yuan, what the first thing after sending salary puts on 150 yuan namely is fixed, more than 30 yuan of family expenses, the day is embarrassed arrive to once had tried successive 10 days do go with rice with the turnip.

Live and work in peace and contentment the dream becomes not within the foreseeable future, 1993, wang Shufu decides to be entered to Shenzhen. The property of the biggest brushstroke that he and wife own is 1800 yuan time deposit. Wang Shufu stays to the wife 100 multivariate, drive toward the school to go card of atone for graduation. He found school leadership, ground 3 days of lips, obtain 250 yuan derate eventually, conceive next putting finish school card and 600 yuan when remain issue Shenzhen continuously from Hefei.
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