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Often bee farming honey, an agricultural miscarriage tastes a brand to turn succ
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Often the person do poineering work of honey of bee farming brand, in have any own reserves hardly, popularize without any advertisement, below the case that builds sale network without oneself, the creativity that just relies on product plan and produce immanent cause power, pure rely on to be sold naturally and helix rises, ego scroll develops. The person that do poineering work throws loan of 500 thousand yuan of banks, will 5 years win the poineering get one's own back of embellish of 5 million yuan of net profit not only, and created to let a competitor bid 10 million bought Chinese bee line of business is famous brand.

Often value of bee farming case depends on, because it is different from completely be full of market to need a large number of capital, product that is the first impetus with advertisement promotion successful case, the brand glamour that just relies on product fixed position regards a product as the first impetus of the sale, what become agricultural miscarriage to taste a domain thereby is small-sized the person that do poineering work can duplicate the case that may draw lessons from.

As industrialization of our country agriculture, commercialization arisen, more and more produce high-quality goods placed supermarket bar, sale gimmick also begins increasing at agricultural product domain applying. The typical case with successful sale of foreign advanced agriculture products has New Zealand bizarre fruit, its are divided by battalion nurturance and the fruit with Chinese yangtao not big difference is packed by successful sale, other still novelty person orange, United States is carried child (big grape) , Thailand aromatic rice. They are local governments mostly relevant section is run through commercializing, build corresponding brand sale system for produce and make produce appreciation.

But place in China domains of a lot of agricultural small product are small-sized the reality before the person that do poineering work is: Besides produce resource advantage of place, if place has egg of the honey of good quality, skin, lotus seed, yangtao, big jujube to wait, the person that do poineering work people have how many poineering fund hardly, also advertise without money promotion, sell a team without Qian Jianli, enter price of admission very tall large sell they want not to have the courage to think repeatedly. They feel foreign agriculture products is similar case of bizarre fruit success lets New Zealand they feel classical but bad to draw lessons from; The management success case such as the Bao Jie that they see on schoolbook, Woerma lets them feel Yao cannot be reached; There are a large number of health cares to taste on domestic sale magazine, the successful case that the industry such as cosmetic relies on advertisement to drive the market, to how many there also is hardly for them real referenced value.

Of the person that most agriculture does poineering work those who long for day and night is: After my general produce undertakes deep treatment comes out, with respect to somebody replenish onr's stock, place in bazaar supermarket next, do not make any promotion, buy my product ceaselessly with respect to somebody. Investment is little, yield big, ego scroll develops.
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