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Supermarket kitchen end gives sweet smell of " " of 2000" black moon cake full-b
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Will come mid-autumn, moon cake sale entered peak period, and a few illegal pedlar also took the advantage of this to initiate " black heart money " , push the moon cake of off quality to the market. Today
In the morning, area of Yue Lu of the Changsha City industrial and commercial bureau executes the law the group undertook to the supermarket inside its area under administration and free market of agricultural products " two " examination of food safety assault, hunt down inside one supermarket " 3 without " moon cake 2000 many.

Elegant moon cake does not have manufacturing date

In the morning 10 when, industrial and commercial execute the law personnel is located in a river above all on the west east red town the Xin flourishing supermarket by some college 2 inn, classics masses informs against the issue of quality of moon cake existence that here sells. Just reached supermarket entry point, sundry pack elegant moon cake to be put here, many citizens are carrying a choose and buy to buy. Look carefully nevertheless, the bag mount of moon cake does not have wholesome licence date and QS mark, manufacturing date and expiration period also did not use the machine that make a yard to make a yard by the standard.

"This is typical 3 without the product! The box that pack is bought from outside, look delicate, but lack attestation of qualitative inspect branch actually. Mark a price like this 168 yuan moon cake, real cost does not cross 30 yuan at most. " disappear of industrial and commercial substation protects area of high mountain the foot of mountain division staff member Zhang Zhengliang says. Pass the question of pair of bar controller, execute the law the manufacturing workshop that personnel discovers these moon cake is a kitchen inside this supermarket unexpectedly!

Supermarket kitchen becomes the workshop that make

In the kitchen of this dark moisture, the raw material of a lot of moon cake and finished product spread out at will on the desk, the spot cannot see any disinfection and wholesome safeguard, becoming the master worker of moon cake, will wait for baked moon cake embryo even ground. "Certificate formalities is not neat, produce workshop and life workshop lump, raw material and finished product are mixed put, sanitation for production is unqualified, this is a black mill simply. This is a black mill simply..

Execute the law personnel immediately is right the spot 2000 many " 3 without " moon cake undertook closing down, instruct bar controller to undertake rectifying and reform.

Inside the supermarket, execute the law the small doohickey that personnel still introduced to buy moon cake to consumer designedly: In the choose and buy when, everybody can hear the moon cake that did not unseal, hearing the ability that is less than fragrance is good moon cake. If fragrance is full-bodied, the sealing that can prove to pack only is bad, enter bacterium and impurity easily, bring about corrupt metamorphism.
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