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Market of Jinan moon cake has a place this year " cold "
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Draw near mid-autumn, annual moon cake is sold " big fight " be about to fall next heavy curtain. What differ with in former years is, the moon cake this year depreciates sales promotion shifted to an earlier date near 20 days. Moon cake sales promotion " battlefront " spun backside, it is the change of people consumption idea.

Sales promotion shifted to an earlier date 20 days

Regard season as food, a month is the optimal period of time that moon cake sells.

Moon cake appears on the market this year later, but it is at the beginning of September, each are big the supermarket began favourable activity, this is compared before the Mid-autumn Festival 34 talents began sales promotion to want last year a lot of earlier. Now, drawing near of the Mid-autumn Festival, activity of moon cake sales promotion is like a raging fire more.

Each are big inside the supermarket, divide A in, outside a few a few brands such as bar of Jin Lilai, Qiao Jia, the moon cake of other trademark begins sales promotion. Colorful " ceremony month expresses feeling " fall by 49.9 original yuan reach 29.9 yuan, paddy sweet garden " very strong feeling " , " violet ceremony box " fall by 98 yuan reach 68 yuan, the moon cake of volume ingredient village also fell 10-20 yuan money.

In fact, numerous distributors is faint the sale pressure that felt moon cake, this also has more on the network reflect, in former years " sacrifice " the ox of luxurious moon cake disappeared suddenly this year. On the net that clean out treasure, the moon cake price of major network inn mixes Jinan the price of brand shop is same, even tall even, and buy every moon cake pay 2-5 even yuan freight.

"The moon cake this year is not as good as in former years really sold. " a merchant of the net that clean out treasure says.

Ceremony " heavy " person meaning " light "

"The moon cake this year is retail the market is a bit cold. " business of production of a few moon cake tells a reporter.

"Beneficial health " it is the food trademark with Shandong well-known province, holding Jinan every year share of 1/3 moon cake market, but the moon cake this year is retail the volume is not very large. Health food factory Factory director Wei says increase, although return,have this year shopkeeper, enterprise or business the unit comes round to order moon cake in great quantities, but sell the moon cake in field retail amount be inferior to in former years apparently.

Many consumer express, moon cake is becoming light as the heft of gift. In silver with Woerma inside the supermarket, face the discount of moon cake, more consumer chose ripe meat products to wait not to hit the product that discount to serve as gift.

"Moon cake has made dispensable gift now, " the viewpoint of Ms. Li that buys edible oil has very much representative, "Theory high-grade with vogue, moon cake is tasted as health care, consider material benefit, moon cake is inferior to peanut oil and fleshy products again. Moon cake is inferior to peanut oil and fleshy products again..
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