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Want not to produce so much moon cake after all
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Be in China, the historical it may be said of moon cake is ages ago, period of abundant, week has " too division cake " , chinese generation has " introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad cake " , tang Dynasty is formal denominate " moon cake " , song Dai says again " palace cake " or " small cake " , bright generation decided what eat moon cake mid-autumn is consuetudinary. Mid-autumn stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup of the moon cake, zhongzi that carry midday, Yuanxiao, the solar eclipse of 3 political integrity that is Chinese tradition is tasted. Moon cake is indicative the whole family reunions, the world auspicious peace.

Nearly 30 years, rise smoothly as manufacturing development and flowing water of person the people's livelihood, the production of moon cake and consumption walked up " excelsior " road. The meaning in traditional culture accumulate besides, also had a few new interest. Among them, the alignment of certain new meaning of moon cake is bad, should give discuss and correct.

Annual around of the Mid-autumn Festival, of moon cake luxurious pack the bad-mouth that is made multimedia, but this wind still bad check. Its reason has 3: One, to producing a business character, luxurious pack mean extremely high additional cost and profit, a lot of food companies lean every year " this one " reap some profit. 2, the case of empty high price of moon cake is having year of section culture prop up, the day that the family reunions pays attention to festival, people nature is right the price won't too dispute. 3, the formal red-letter day that the Mid-autumn Festival shows to already became a Chinese, moon cake became a gift, have not merely " use value " , and had more " value " meaning. "Eat moon cake do not buy, buy moon cake do not eat " , this makes a kind of general appearance almost, moon cake also became the content assorted of business affairs public relations or other what public relations. Most very person, it is the other goods that adds costly cost in box of moon cake ceremony, already had the ill will of bribery.

It is reported, moon cake packs annual fee to amount to 2.5 billion yuan, every produce 10 million moon cake, material of the bad news that pack wants about 400 to 600 diameters 10 centimeters tree, the Mid-autumn Festival passes, billions of yuan pack became rubbish.

Moon cake crop is too big, also often create great waste. Moon cake is usury product, before the Mid-autumn Festival, each manufacturer put into high gear is produced, the result is supply exceeds demand. The Mid-autumn Festival passes, agency wants low to promote, what hear the news that moon cake material feeds a swine from time to tome, have undesirable firm more more than makings refrigerant, next year reoccupy. The waste of meantime makes popular feeling painful indeed. With respect to consumer character, hill of box of ceremony of moon cake of some other peoples is accumulated, the case that throw away or takes forcedly happens from time to tome, it is the waste on another administrative levels.
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