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Investigate discovery: The alexipharmic ark of a lot of Zhengzhou town public ho
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Although a lot of hotels match stock to disinfect ark, but the reporter discovers however in the investigation of much day, the alexipharmic ark inside a few hotels became a decoration, some did not insert power source at all even.

The reporter is dark visit alexipharmic ark to become a decoration mostly

Be in via 3 inside an around hotel, service personnel from disinfection bowl, chopsticks, small dish was taken out inside ark, put go up in dining table, awaiting the guest that comes in succession.

"Are these bowl chopsticks is disappear too poisonous? "Are these bowl chopsticks is disappear too poisonous??

"Agree disappear of choose a site for the capital crosses poison. " one clerk says the hotel.

"Power source was not inserted on, meet how does disappear cross poison? Meet how does disappear cross poison??

"Before the guest did not come, power source electrical outlet has unplugged came down, the hand is warmed when otherwise is used, the guest is met of advise. " this clerk explanation says.

Subsequently, reporter from disinfection a bowl was taken out inside ark, inside discovery damp. Subsequently, the reporter took out a small dish again, inside still stockpile has a lot of water. "If high temperature disappear passes poisonous, should be dry ability is opposite inside bowl dish, is there still water how here? Is there still water how here??

"Likelihood these two days of power cut, without disinfection. " this clerk says, the sentence that also does not receive a reporter again.

That day afternoon, the client that the reporter called company of Zhengzhou city power supply serves a phone ninety-five thousand five hundred and ninety-eight, a staff member says, via 3 around records that do not have power cut.

Be in via 2 inside a hotel around, alexipharmic ark is put inside service hall, but the signal lamp with indication enlightened power source did not shine all the time, when repast, have a clerk ceaselessly from disinfection bowl, teacup, small dish is taken out inside ark.

Secret is being uncovered to be not disinfected inside course of study is to disrelish a trouble

"If leaving to disinfect ark every day, smooth charge of electricity is not decimal word. " Zhengzhou Mr Yao says some hotel chief.

"Actually, some hotels also are not report fearing cost, basically be to disrelish too troublesome. " pair of reporters are less than to say in what a hotel becomes a clerk, inside the hotel sometimes the client is very much, bowl chopsticks is used not quite, wash here, be used there, even if at ordinary times, after just also washing tableware, put them in the ark that protect clean, when when the customer comes, take from inside, be like disappear to cross poison same.

The government sector once fish severity is punished

"In hotel meal course of study, the alexipharmic cabinet that is put in certain hotel really makes the undesirable appearance of the decoration. " sanitation of tubal the city zone supervises an assistant director Li Hongxun to say, use the bowl chopsticks that pass, if be not used with respect to investment via disinfection, once have contagion bacterium conceal, the health of consumer is endangered possibly. Plum assistant director expresses, to such carefree hotels, once fish, will be punished by severity.
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