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Industry of 3 yuan of milk is severe guard a pass piece be at ease grandma
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"Cultivate birds product is which base, vegetable is which producing area, in on screen a bit, can check, feel to taste more was at ease. " on September 19 towards evening, ya Yun Cun of bazaar of boreal capital hall before the screen of produce quality date from of inn, ms. Sun that just bought goods says.

"Be at ease produce key should close good fountainhead. " safety of quality of produce of Beijing agriculture bureau grows Tao Zhijiang to say everywhere, up to now, beijing executes the enterprise of date from management to had had 139, the feeling that installed retail terminal in 26 large supermarkets inquires screen.

On September 20, the reporter comes to Beijing 3 yuan of green carry on one's shoulder suckle the first grass. Clean cowhouse, capacious careless field, raise equipment modernly, on 1000 milk cow live in this easy environment.

"Let milk cow live health, cozily, ability yields to be suckled high gradely. " milk cow of 3 yuan of green carry on one's shoulder breeds a center to publicize ministry minister Zhang Jiuying to say, 3 yuan of green carry on one's shoulder have 30 thousand milk cow in all, it is the main base suckling a source of 3 yuan of milk.

The reporter sees, there is link of a foot on the foot of every milk cow, this is arrogant " electronic Id " , it and computer network are linked together, execute network management. This kind manages what the program can be aimed at milk cow to raise actual condition to make 28 kinds of reports, monitor every arrogant change situation at any time, everyday the recipe changes at any time according to milk cow circumstance. Once milk cow comes on, computer can be shown instantly come, reminded people to should treat a disease to the ox.

"Milk cow eats very daintily, it is nutrition distributes food, still be green food, the living cost of a month gets every ox 1000 multivariate. " Zhang Jiuying says, to assure the free from contamination of feed, in Zhang Jia mouth area of Zhang Bei and other places built base of forage grass feed 3 yuan. The water that milk cow drinks is the Wen Shui that ticks off add entirely, the staff member says, if give milk cow drink cold water, can make milk cow uses up much body heat, reduce amount yield a milk, water insufficient, still meet those who cause certain disease happen.

Much at 9 o'clock in the morning bell, milk just about time, those who accommodate 50 bull milk cow milk there are 67 staff members only in hall. "Intelligence is used to change machinery to milk entirely here equipment, from begin to milk to cool through conduit, carry, in the environment that milk is in whole journey to close, avoid to wait for sundry contact with air, assure to suckle the on the safe side of the source. " Zhang Jiuying says, from milk evacuation arrives manufacturing workshop, around does not pass half hours.
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