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Does fill of many hill of accredit the Tang Dynasty install unified Xian Chen?
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Drink rise how different flavour

Same name, almost same pack, it is this reason, let a lot of consumer buy Tang Shan to produce " unified Xian Chen is much " , but this " unified Xian Chen is much " can be not those " unified Xian Chen is much " , not only flavour is different, more expression is too much different.


Twin floods size market

The day before yesterday, ms. Zhang of Shenyang river area attended the wedding of a friend, the lady that does not drink is on wedding breakfast planned two bottles of large model designedly, one bottle is Xue Bi, another bottle is " unified Xian Chen is much " . Ms. Zhang just drank a Xian Chen much, taste with respect to the feeling and as one used to do different, what some hair suffer from is sweet. Ms. Zhang saw beverage bottle rapidly, although mix,just discover this bottle of beverage the Xian Chen of unified card how long very picture, but the beverage that belongs to two kinds to differ.

"Still change a bottle of mineral water to me. " Ms. Pang is in iron on the west this kind of situation also was encountered when a of the area big gear has a meal, small that day Pang and colleague settle accounts when the member that restaurant receives silver is informed do not have bill, if Xiaopang is willing,can give her a bottle of Xian Chen serve as compensation more. Xiaopang has received this bottle is so called " unified Xian Chen is much " should going, the colleague on the side discovers this Xian Chen how long and common the sort of different, the clerk that lets restaurant then gives changed a bottle of mineral water.


Goods of copy of true goods PK: Place of similarities and differences is really much

Speak of these two kinds " unified Xian Chen is much " , still hold out likeness really, resemble so that a dozen eyes do not look basically to go out what is distinguished, look at carefully nevertheless look at this among them defect true still many. Bottle of this common juice of unified card bright orange is transparent, the gules word at consolidating a group just is concerned above cap, and the sort of bright orange color that Ms. Zhang and Ms. Pang see is much although bottle also is transparent, but color is nigrescent, imprinting on cap chromatic design. Drink rise former flavour pleasant is sweet, and latter drinks the feeling in the mouth too sweet and some are acrid.

These are OK still, most those who make a person easy misunderstand is the plastic label above bottle, the layout above and the bright orange color that unite a card are much older paragraph label almost exactly like, just change somewhat in firm information field: Production of unified industry group became " fill of limited company of Tang Shan drink holds authorization of limited company of Chinese unified group " .
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