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Reporter investigation: Where did box of the moon cake after the Mid-autumn Fest
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After the Mid-autumn Festival passes, if why handle the moon cake case in the home,some make a person nerve-racking, especially those elegant moon cake boxes, threw away some regrettablly, staying do not have a place to put again, so where did these moon cake boxes go finally?

The reporter comes to the investigation of a few villages of Qingdao above all, did not discover too much moon cake box in the dustbin of the village.

Qingdao citizen: The box that pack still is put in the home to do not have processing now, fill on anything else, the toy that the child plays.

Qingdao city has many 200 family, consume computation of a moon cake according to every family, can have case of 2 million moon cake at least. Can be thrown away finally for the most part among them, so can be these moon cake boxes reclaimed afresh recycle? The reporter finds a reject to buy a station.

Hill of Qingdao city saddle all the way reject buys a station staff member: "Because become paper carapace child sell a family not to want, if paper shell other people was about. Look like paper, but family paper mill can not want. But family paper mill can not want..

"Of wood, the moon cake box of bamboo? The moon cake box of bamboo??

"More not. "More not..

A few reject that the reporter visits subsequently buy a station to also express, moon cake box does not belong to what reject stands to buy range, because the paper mill does not want.

The staff member tells a reporter, the material of box of major moon cake is not paper, however a kind of mixture. Often a few pedlar put moon cake case in other paper carapace to make up the number sell high price.

The reporter is filled in rubbish finally bury saw a lot of moon cake cases, because box of most moon cake is temporary,had not reclaimed value, can be regarded as to live only rubbish sends into rubbish to fill bury. However, area of Shenzhen blessing cropland began a few days ago reclaim action of moon cake box found an outlet for moon cake box.

Wang Liufang of Shenzhen stage reporter: Empty moon cake case, you can be taken continue to install cake, also can do sundry box, but when you do not know how to handle it, might as well the children that resemble my back are same, it do a concentration to reclaim processing.

Reclaim this the action of moon cake box, advocate middle and primary school to be born, community dweller comes to the gather up of box of deserted moon cake of oneself, undertake environmental protection recycle, predict to will collect box of more than 100 thousand moon cake.

Area of Shenzhen blessing cropland Wen Shihong of secretary-general of justice labour couplet: The deserted moon cake box that we will come to to collecting classifies processing, after processing is over, the income of earning can abandon Shenzhen town blueness radical is met.

According to statistic, after the Mid-autumn Festival, shenzhen will have case of nearly 5 million deserted moon cake, have processing of rubbish of 70% lives be regardinged as about among them.
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