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Unified purchase deserve to send food civilian " is at ease hopeful of breakfast
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In 硚 mouth " water works above " the street of pilot half an year " be at ease breakfast car " , hopeful near future is rolled out in 硚 mouth whole area. Yesterday, undertake according to the project square -- Wuhan Kang Fenghua day is at ease controller of breakfast engineering company introduces, special subject of the municipal government before the section is harmonious can make deploy, plan to be added newly " water works is the following " busy streets civilian dot, dining car is nodded will by at present 36 are added control to 100 cars.

Chief says related government of 硚 mouth district, the enterprise already appeared in the newspaper add choose a roll, wait for the urban district newspaper of relevant section joint hearing is approved, deal with constitute procedures.

During National Day, wuhan food festival is set first exhibit " be at ease breakfast " , recommend to the society " be at ease dining car " product, numerous citizen care enquires: When whole town promotion, dining car is touched close " door mouth " .

It is reported, china weather firm is the whole nation is at ease the virgin enterprise of breakfast, its " breakfast car interlinks " mode already was in the whole nation 16 big in urban promotion: Go into the street dining car is unified execute " time calm dot, occupy civilian " manage; Sale time is restricted strictly in the morning 6 when come partly 9 when, do not affect urban liaison man; Open modernization " central kitchen " , all food are unified purchase, unified production, unified deserve to send. Be in Chinese dining car of every heat preservation is daily sale is close 40 breed, for midpoint, confect, drink, gust fastfood 4 kinds big, sale of overall finished product, close pack.

It is reported, appear on the market pilot half an year, in Chinese bicycle is sold on average by initial stage 110 yuan / the day rises to 520 yuan / day, firm of house China weather is in the coronal of 16 cities of countrywide.

The reporter understands, wuhan " be at ease breakfast project " the operation has fasten other city. And other places of Ning Bo, Xi'an, introduce China weather firm to be managed solely, execute whole town to roll out, one-time on dining car of going from place to place amounts to 150 to mix 300 respectively. Before Wuhan is summed up some year pilot did not teach a lesson if really, emphasize " bad of the discard that choose actor " , "Dovish advance " .

The sectional position such as town business, sanitation accelerates advance: Our city streets and lanes occupies breakfast to spread out the dot amounts to 15 thousand, it is the mainstream market that citizen breakfast consumes. But abuses of pollution of its food safety, environment is very much, "The canal is inferior to 1000 times be in charge of " .

The city is in charge of a branch to think: Be at ease breakfast car selects a site, should emphasize particularly on more the alley in alleyway and residential area. Consume 300 people with day of a dining car plan, all sorts of boxes that pack, bag that pack, straw, one day amounts to on 1000 litter. Be like a sector of an area of place oneself busy streets and artery of primary and secondary, can increase litter " pollute 2 times " control difficulty.
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